About the Program

Northeastern’s Master of Legal Studies is a distinctive program built from the ground up for the aspiring professional eager to enhance his or her understanding of the law and to help employers navigate complex regulatory terrain. The Master of Legal Studies is for non-lawyer professionals who work regularly with lawyers and legal issues. It was created specifically for those who do not wish to practice law, but would like to use the law as a means to achieve goals in environments where law is too often seen as an obstacle.

Our courses—customized around content critical to specific professionals—are taught by law school faculty and industry experts who give you the practical knowledge you need to more effectively address legal issues in your industry. Each course is infused with Northeastern’s hallmark approach to education—experiential learning.

The online format allows working adults to take classes when it fits their professional and personal schedules. State-of-the-art technology connects students to their teachers, building life-long relationships and adding value to students’ careers.

Our Master of Legal Studies students also receive full support from Northeastern’s top-ranked Career Development Office, including specific programs created for distance learners and graduate students, ensuring that each student will graduate the program Networked for Life.

Use the law to your advantage. In this fast-moving, dynamic environment, Northeastern’s Master of Legal Studies will give you the tools, skills, and expertise to thrive and grow in your industry—and to leverage the law to reach your personal and institutional goals.

+ Am I Right for this Program?

This unique program is tailored to the needs of non-lawyers and features a curriculum that will allow you to understand and apply legal concepts within the context of your own profession and field.

A Master of Legal Studies will advance the careers of professionals in these and other fields:

• Compliance

• Communications

• Contract Management and Procurement

• Financial Services

• Government

• Healthcare

• Higher Education Administration

• Human Resources Management

• Institutional Advancement

• Insurance and Claims

• Journalism

• Lobbying and Government Affairs

• Nonprofit Organizations

+ Why a Master of Legal Studies?

Due to rapidly expanding forms of regulation and an increasingly complex legal environment, professionals across various fields have a growing need for a grounding in the law. If you are in a highly regulated industry, Northeastern’s Master of Legal Studies will provide you with a pathway through this maze of regulation. You will have the unique opportunity to learn legal concepts without having to obtain a Juris Doctor.

The program will give you a broad knowledge and understanding of the law and help you become an expert in legal issues within your own industry. The customized curriculum will provide you with the flexibility to understand, analyze, and interpret your professional environment through a legal lens, giving you the opportunity to advance your company and your career.

+ What is the Northeastern Network?

The Northeastern University network spans the globe. With the support of more than 3,000 employer partners and 200,000 alumni, Northeastern students are Networked for Success. As a Master of Legal Studies student, you will have access to all of our campus resources, including our research library, career services, and various conferences and presentations. Wherever your location, you will graduate prepared and Networked for Life.