About the Program

Northeastern’s Master of Legal Studies is a distinctive program built from the ground up for the aspiring professional eager to enhance his or her understanding of the law and to help employers navigate complex regulatory terrain. The Master of Legal Studies is for non-lawyer professionals who work regularly with lawyers and legal issues. It was created specifically for those who do not wish to practice law, but would like to use the law as a means to achieve goals in environments where law is too often seen as an obstacle.

Our courses—customized around content critical to specific professionals—are taught by law school faculty and industry experts who give you the practical knowledge you need to more effectively address legal issues in your industry. Each course is infused with Northeastern’s hallmark approach to education—experiential learning.

The online format allows working adults to take classes when it fits their professional and personal schedules. State-of-the-art technology connects students to their teachers, building life-long relationships and adding value to students’ careers. Students can set up appointments with a career coach to discuss their professional goals and how the MLS program can help students achieve those goals. Additionally, coaches can help students refine their resumes and LinkedIn profiles, review key tools for networking and interviewing and consider the appropriate type of Experiential Network project to help students meet their professional goals.

Every Master of Legal Studies student has access to a Career Coach. The career coach works with MLS students to create a Career Action Plan to help students achieve their own professional goals and to support them in their career exploration and job search processes. Additionally, Career Coaches support students in choosing the appropriate Experiential Network opportunity, a real-life project for an employer, that helps students gain experience and build their resume and networks.  Master of Legal Studies students also have access to career workshops and tools especially designed for distance learners and graduate students, helping MLS students become networked for life!

Use the law to your advantage. In this fast-moving, dynamic environment, Northeastern’s Master of Legal Studies will give you the tools, skills, and expertise to thrive and grow in your industry—and to leverage the law to reach your personal and institutional goals.

If you work in the healthcare industry and are looking to expand your legal knowledge, but are not quite ready to pursue a full Master’s degree, Northeastern also offers a 12 credit Graduate Certificate in Health Law. This certificate arises directly from the need for more professionals with legal expertise in the highly regulated field of healthcare. The certificate is designed specifically to provide professionals with the skills necessary to understand, navigate and leverage the legal issues that arise within the healthcare field to work effectively with counsel when a lawyer’s involvement is necessary. Students can apply their credits from this program to the Master of Legal Studies later on if desired.