Spirit "Moosenapping" Bios Who's the Moosenapper??

Vitalik Ablaev

1. Novosibirsk, Russia, 5'11" age: 21

Vitalik Abaleav, Volunteer Chair, was taken into custody after attempting to organize a dance party on the third floor of Snell Library via hacking into the library's installed sound system and streaming his amazing playlist. After 8 long days of custody, Vitalik revealed that he is on the Minis conference staff.


Megan Carroll

2. Martinsville, NJ, 5'7" age: 19

Megan Carroll, Sponsorship Chair, is a corporate businesswoman who has a history of promising to get giveaways for events, but as the event draws closer, these giveaways disappear. Hiding behind a pair of sunglasses, she is consistently seen at events that offer "free SWAG," that eventually goes missing. When spotted on the quad eating lunch, all of her food in her lunch box was conveniently "sample sized." Coincidence? …

  Tori Blanchard

3. Rye, NH, 5'5" age: 19

Tori Blanchard, Programming Chair, is a suspect in the crime of the "moosenapping" of Marty. Eager to be a Top 10 programmer, she has been spotted multiple times sabotaging the programs of other schools. Tori has allegedly unplugged a team's computer to prevent their PowerPoint from working, stole another group's supplies which magically showed up in her own program, and cut the electrical cords to the auditorium lights so that no one could see in another's program. When she's not creating havoc, you can find her in the RSA office, hunched over the computer, smiling viciously at the screen as if she is plotting her next evil prank. Based on her record, it is likely Tori could be part of this crime.

  Lady H Murdock

4. Old Lyme, CT, 5'8" age: 18

Lady H. Murdock, Philanthropy Chair, was arrested at her annual charity ball supporting the All Women Deserve Heels foundation. Her fellow housewives claim that she can always be seen with a glass of sparkling cider in her hand, Hermes on her arm, and a pair of Louboutins on her feet. She became famous for her saying "I have it all, but I want more" and can always be found lunching at The Ivy and shopping on Rodeo. After a young male paid her bail, she fled to her mansion in Aspen with him and has been seen visiting the house of an esteemed lawyer on a daily basis. After further investigation, it was found that the young male that paid her bond is her tennis pro, Chace Fitzgerald, a prep-school friend who may be related to another suspect, which is currently unknown at this time.

  Shannon Reardon

5. Feeding Hills, MA, 5'4" age: 18

Miss Shannon Reardon, Housing and Registration Chair, is a long-time employee of Boston's Westin in Copley Square. She was recently taken into custody. Reardon has long denied the rumors of room 413 being cursed, insisting that all the disappearances from the room were just a "weird coincidence." Reardon is being held on charges of "moosenapping." It is will known around Boston that Marty often stayed in that particular Westin when visiting prior to Minis 2013 and frequently utilized Reardon's concierge services.

  Chuck Berds

6. Buffalo, NY, 5'5" age: 23

Chuck "The Cheertator" Berds, Spirit Chair, has always been known for his endless enthusiasm and his show-stopping smile. When he's around, the crowd is always excited! He has been said to lead cheer-offs like no other, and he certainty rides that pony like no one's business. During the day of Marty's kidnapping, it was just like a typical day. He woke up, planned to lead a cheer off, but noticed something was missing. When asking the region "Who their daddy was?" The region didn't know where to find him. Without missing a beat, Chuck's smile turned into a devious grin.

  Shelby Levinson

7. Bellmore, NY, 5'4" age: 19

Shelby Brooke Levinson, Entertainment Chair, is an actress better known by the name Shelby Brooklyn. She is one of Hollywood's most famous bad girls. It seems she's always in the middle of a scandal. Whenever she goes on an audition, the other actresses competing for her roles soon wind up missing. She is guaranteed to be on the cover of all the major tabloids for causing a scene wherever she goes. Shelby is known to be very jealous and does not do well with rejection. One the night of Marty's "moosenapping" she claims to be at her vacation house in Aruba. Is the bad girl that America loves to hate finally going to get caught?

  Katie Bergeron

8. Shapleigh, ME, 5'8" age: 22

Dr. Katie Bergeron, Hospitality Chair, has always had that NEACURH flare. She is most famous for discovering her "spirit juice," which can turn any NEACURH non-believer into a full-fledged Marty lover! After much success with this juice, Dr. Bergeron's last patient to be prescribed to take the juice was seen to turn brown, sprout antlers, and run off into the woods. Could this be a side effect, or has this doctor gone mad with her love for moose?!

  Nita Vaidya

9. Hockessin, DE, 5'2" age: 21

Nita Vaidya, Dining and Banquet Chair, is a chef extraordinaire. She owns a little Italian restaurant in the heart of downtown Boston. She was arrested at her restaurant as he was whipping up dinner for the night, under the suspicions of her ingredients in her specialty desert, chocolate "moose." At this time, the evidence is not strong enough to hold her. Nita's restaurant is still open and she is currently loose in the city of Boston.

  Crissy Gaffney

10. Toms River, NJ, 5'0" age: 20

Ms. Crissy Gaffney, Finance Chair, was taken from her apartment in handcuffs on the charges of embezzlement and candy diamond fraud. She is alleged to be the kingpin of the campus' underground candy trade, where she has made a small fortune. It is said she gets a kickback from every pixie stick sold on campus, and has long pawned off candy diamonds made with low-grade sugar for the regular market price. Marty was one of Ms. Gaffney's best customers, planning to bring sweets to the delegates at Minis 2013, but rumors have circulated that the pair had a falling out in recent weeks.

  Katie Kerber

11. Webster, NY, 5'6" age: 21

Katie Kerber, Technology Chair, from an outward appearance, is your typical college student. She's been attending Northeastern University for four years and many of her friends mention that they are most likely to find her in the computer lab. She's your typical nerdy girl that loves to program and hack websites in her free time. What none of her school friends known is that she has been working as a computer hacker over the past 4 years. She has hacked several foreign government networks, but most recently hacked the Northeastern network. Officials are unsure whether it was an accident or something more… because what Katie didn't realize was that she had stumbled upon secret documents regarding the "moosenapping" of Marty Moose. Officials have taken Katie into custody from leaking out the information and no one has heard from her since. Until now…

  Liz von York

12. Limerick, ME, 5'5" age: 20

Elizabeth von York, Transportation Chair, was taken into custody in connection with the disappearance of Marty. Ms. von York is in the business of transportation and security, working as a bus driver and security guard for hire in and around Boston. In the past, there have been allegations of her involvement in the largest cat-smuggling ring in the Northeast region. She is said to pick up strays along her routes, as well as cat-nap the occasional well-loved pets of her clients, and takes them back to her small studio apartment, where they remain until she sells them on the black market, using the money to feed her well-known French fry habit. These allegations have never been able to be proven, due to her dying the fur of every cat that comes into her possession, making them unrecognizable to others. There are suspicions, however, that Ms. von York has been moving on to bigger and better pets, and that her latest victim could possibly be NEACURH's well-loved Marty! Ms. von York's cats are currently being shuttled by the carload to a local shelter to be looked after while she is held for further questioning