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Experts tackle Syria conflict and its global impact

  October 10, 2013 by Jason Kornwitz Three Middle East experts discussed the civil war in Syria on Tuesday evening at Northeastern. From left to right, Rami Khouri, Valentine Moghadam, and Franck Salameh. Photo by Brooks Canaday. Polit­ical jour­nalist Rami Khouri char­ac­ter­izes the Syrian con­flict as history’s “biggest proxy war,” one in which the majority of actors believe  Continue Reading »

The U.S. must intervene in Syria, but in a three-fold manner

By Denis J. Sullivan, Professor of Political Science and International Affairs; Director, Middle East Center for Peace, Culture and Development, Northeastern University The U.S. should not bomb Syria. By bombing Syria, the U.S. sides with the rebels: the good, the bad, and the fanatical; yet it will not end the tyranny of the Assad regime.  Continue Reading »