Iran-US Dialogue Initiative

The Middle East Center has launched an initiative to engage Iranian and American students, scholars, and professionals in a dialogue. The elements of this initiative include:

  • Iran Seminar: an independent research project, led by Visiting Fellow Ali Mohammad Pedram (Ph.D., Durham University, UK) and Prof. Denis Sullivan, allowing NU students to learn about Iran’s history, culture, and political structure, with a special focus on the dynamics of the historic Iran-US relationship;
  • Video-conference: a series of discussions between Iranian students and scholars and Northeastern University students, faculty, and staff;
  • The ultimate objective of this initiative is to have face-to-face meetings, via Northeastern University visits to Iran and Iranian visits to Northeastern.


Prof. Sullivan and Dr. Pedram with Dr. M. Javad Zarif, Iranian Ambassador to United Nations

The Iran Understanding Group is an initiative by Northeastern University’s Middle East Center. The goal of the initiative is to establish a new approach to design and expand academic and professional ties equally between Iran and the US (student-to-student, faculty-to-faculty, and professional-to-professional).

Our Objectives are divided into 3 phases, initially:

Phase I: Strengthening academic capacity: Appointing a visiting Scholar at Northeastern (Middle East Studies and International Affairs, and Middle East Center) who will:

  • Teach specifically designed modules on Iran, US-Iran relations, and Islamic thought and jurisprudence;
  • Conduct dialogues and workshops between American and Iranian Universities through video-conferencing; and
  • Lead a “Dialogue of Civilizations” programs to Iran, for students, scholars, civic organizations and professionals, and establish a reciprocal exchange program between Iran and the US.

Phase 2: To establish the Persian Language and Culture Support program offering academic and professional services for interested colleges and universities, in the US and abroad.

Phase 3: To Establish Iran-US Economic Cooperation Network through workshops among private, non-governmental entities.