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Past Programs

Open Classroom Lecture Series: America, Islam and the Middle East

Course Website In fall 2011, the Northeastern Middle East Center for Peace, Culture and Development; and The School of Journalism will present a semester-long Open Classroom titled American, Islam and the Middle East . The main focus of the course will be on America’s Engagement with the Muslim World, and course instructors and lecturers will  Continue Reading »

The Israel-Palestine Dialogue

Conflict, Identity, and Community in Israel and Palestine Hosts: Ben Gurion University, Negev & al-Quds University, Jerusalem

Iran-US Dialogue Initiative

The Middle East Center has launched an initiative to engage Iranian and American students, scholars, and professionals in a dialogue. The elements of this initiative include: Iran Seminar: an independent research project, led by Visiting Fellow Ali Mohammad Pedram (Ph.D., Durham University, UK) and Prof. Denis Sullivan, allowing NU students to learn about Iran’s history,  Continue Reading »

The Cairo Seminar

What is the Seminar? Experience Egypt – the cradle of ancient civilization and the center of the contemporary Arab world. Spend five weeks studying the language (Egyptian dialect), as well as the history, economy, politics, and culture of Egypt and the Arab and Muslim world. Focus of program: Contemporary Egypt and Middle East, U.S.-Egypt relations  Continue Reading »