Carole McCauley

NU’s commitment to marine education in New England

The New England Ocean Science Education Collaborative (NEOSEC), a network that includes 55 member institiutions from around New England, has spawned numerous regional marine education projects in which the NUMSC has been an active participant. The MSC’s outreach coordinator, Carole McCauley, is now taking a turn at the helm of this group.


Professor Gwil Jones retires after 37 years of dedicated service

After 37 years, 40,000 specimens, and 150 gallons of owl pellets, Professor Gwil Jones, also the Director for the NU Center for Vertebrate Studies, is looking forward to continuing to feed his passions for birding and family.


MES faculty serve as science advisors for Cousteau’s “Mission 31″

Professors Mark Patterson and Brian Helmuth are working with Fabian Cousteau to develop the research workplan for the “Mission 31″ event. This saturation experience, aboard Florida International University’s Aquarius underwater facility, will supersede Aquarius’ 30-day record set by Fabian’s grandfather, the legendary Jacques Cousteau 50 years ago.


Prof. Don Cheney Retires, Leaves A Legacy & Support

After 33 years at Northeastern University, Dr. Donald Cheney is retiring, leaving behind countless grateful students and a long list of accomplishments in biology and marine science.


Taking a Second Look at How Marine Reserves are Created

Overfishing has resulted in the serial depletion of fish stocks around the world and caused significant collateral damage to non-target species because of high levels of bycatch.

MSC sunset photo

A sweet spot for coastal cities

In 1967, the year Northeastern’s Marine Sci­ence Center was estab­lished, the world was a different place.

Researchers and Oystermen Fighting for Apalachicola Bay

A guest post by David Kimbro, as featured in the blog In the Grass, On the Reef.

Student builds ‘tiny mansion’ for summer living

People tend to be skep­tical of envi­ron­mental sci­ence and polit­ical sci­ence com­bined major Anderson Page’s house, a 144-​​square-​​foot unit built this spring as part of his senior thesis project.

Congratulations to Seniors & Juniors Named To “Huntington 100″

The College of Science would like to congratulate its students who have been named to the Office for Student Affairs’ first “Huntington 100: Distinguished Seniors and Juniors” program.

Why invader species may be taking dinner off your table

The species that live on our coasts pro­vide ben­e­fits that most of us are unaware of.

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