Gage installation, River Meadow Brook, Chelmsford, MA

Michelle O’Donnell presents at Co-op Expo

Michelle O’Donnell, an Environmental Science major, designed a poster to reflect her accomplishments and learning experiences during her work (co-op) semester last year.

Where Go the Oysters Go the Parasites

Ever wonder how a parasite finds its host in the ocean or why some hosts have more parasites than others?


Lobsters hide from cod, not the other way around

If you think you are about to become the victim of an attack, police say one way to potentially protect yourself is to hide.


We’re heading underwater

Two Marine and Environmental Sciences professors are featured in Men’s Journal.


The power of cockroach excreta may explain an entomological mystery

Rebeca Rosengaus of Northeastern University, in Boston, thinks she knows why. As she and her colleagues discovered in a study just published in Naturwissenschaften, wood-cockroach faeces protect the insects from a parasitic fungus.


Researchers ready for historic aquatic ‘Mission’

North­eastern researchers are teaming up with Jacques Cousteau’s grandson to reignite the famous oceanographer’s sin­gular vision.


Communicating climate change

Brian Helmuth’s work was recently featured in International innovation.


Research in the Rockies

Environmental science major Clint Valentine is always looking for an adventure.


Social insects put the ‘I’ in team to fight disease

Social insects such as ants, ter­mites, and some bees and wasps live in a sort of eternal “air­plane envi­ron­ment.”

Mark Mykleby

Global ecology as the next grand strategy

Retired Marine Col. Mark Mykleby said at a campus lecture this week that the nation’s biggest problem is global unsustainability and it will take behavioral change, not national strategy, to fix it.

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