An aquatic adventure resurfaces

Sara Williams, a research technician in the marine and environmental science lab of Mark Patterson, will lead a study on the gastrovascular system of corals as part of Mission 31.


Wherefore art thou, dear zooplankton?

To get a better sense of zooplankton’s behav­iors and habits, Dwyer will be spear­heading one of four Northeastern-​​led sci­en­tific projects during Mis­sion 31.


Researchers soak up data from Mission 31

“Sponges bring in a lot of energy from their sur­round­ings, yet their growth rate is almost zero,” said Matzelle, a grad­uate stu­dent in the lab of Brian Hel­muth, pro­fessor of marine and envi­ron­mental sci­ence.


Members of Congress visit Marine Science Center

“To be here at the Marine Sci­ence Center and look at sus­tain­ability from an urban per­spec­tive is really unique—and so needed,” said Clark.

David Kimbro

Stuck in the middle with oysters and crabs

Oysters, the Brady Bunch and value meals, oh my! Find out what North­eastern Uni­ver­sity ecol­o­gist David Kimbro has to say about it.


Better science for better fisheries management

Marine science researcher Jon Grabowski works across disciplines to come up with the best habitat management strategies for fisheries and the communities that depend on them.


Antarctic co-op: The mission

Eileen Sheehan blogs about her second co-op at Palmer Station, Antarctica under the supervision of William Detrich, a marine biology and biochemistry professor at Northeastern.


MSC Graduate Student Wins Dissertation Completion Fellowship

Congratulations to Dan Blustein, a graduate student in the Ayers Lab at the MSC, for winning a Dissertation Completion Fellowship!

Tarik Gouhier

Using synchrony to connect the dots

Assistant Professor Tarik Gouhier and a colleague have developed a new statistical package, featured in the Journal Methods of Ecology and Evolution.


Mission 31 to splash down on June 1

Nine miles off the coast of Key Largo, Fla., and 63 feet beneath the waves lies the world’s only under­water research lab: Aquarius. “There’s no place like it on earth,” said Mark Pat­terson.

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