Faculty Spotlight


Matt Bracken featured in The Working Waterfront

Craig Schneider teaches biology at Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut. Seaweed is Schneider’s thing. He’s made his living “as a person who studies seaweeds and knows pretty much what you’re going to find any time of the season.” Which made

Tarik Gouhier: A ‘model’ approach to studying coastal ecosystems

In the Pacific North­west, beach grass com­mu­ni­ties often create sand dunes that mit­i­gate coastal ero­sion and flooding risks stem­ming from rising sea levels caused by cli­mate change. But Tarik Gouhier, a newly appointed assis­tant pro­fessor in the Depart­ment of Earth


Becky Rosengaus quoted in Scientific American

From Infectious Selflessness: How an Ant Colony Becomes a Social Immune System. Rebeca Rosengaus of Northeastern University was impressed with the variety of experiments and analyses in the new study, which she says “provides further support that social immunity is


Matthew Bracken: Loss of rare species can harm ecosystems

Matthew Bracken: Loss of rare species can harm ecosystemsHere’s another reason to cheer for the little guy. A new study co-authored by Matthew Bracken, assistant professor of biology in Northeastern’s College of Science, has found that rare species from the


Steve Vollmer and Geoff Trussell: Snail travels unknown evolutionary path

Biology graduate student Meredith Doellman and faculty researchers from Northeastern’s Marine Science Center in Nahant, Mass., have discovered that a specific species of snail has a much more complex evolutionary history than previously thought. Doellman worked with biology professors Geoff