Timery DeBoer

timery deboerOGL, Staff Scientist – Collections

Timery received her Ph.D. from the Marine Program at Boston University in 2010 where she worked with Dr. Paul Barber on the population genetics and ecology of endangered giant clam species (genus: Tridacna) in the biodiverse “Coral Triangle” region of Southeast Asia. Her thesis research also included work to characterize symbiotic zooxanthellae populations living within giant clams. Dr. DeBoer’s research interests include the application of genetic tools to the study of marine ecology and evolution- especially those that facilitate conservation efforts. Currently, she manages the Ocean Genome Resource (OGR) collection database and is building OGL’ s DNA repository for marine specimens.


2010 Ph.D., Boston University, Boston, MA.
2001 M.S., University of California, San Diego, CA.
1999 B.S., University of California, San Diego, CA.