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Click here to read the full 2014 OGL Report

Click here to read the full 2014 OGL Report

Ocean Genome Legacy is a non-profit organization dedicated to creating a global biobank housing the DNA blueprints (genomes) of a broad cross-section of the endangered organisms of the sea. Our aim is to preserve and provide access to this global genomic legacy, and so to support understanding and protection of our planets greatest ecosystem.

Mission Statement

Ocean Genome Legacy is a non-profit marine research organization and biological specimen repository dedicated to exploring and preserving the wealth of information contained in the genes (DNA) of endangered, rare, unusual and ecologically critical marine organisms.  Its mission is to acquire, authenticate, study, preserve, develop, and distribute genetic materials, biological specimens, information, technology, and standards needed to advance basic and applied non-commercial research. By providing secure storage and broad public access to genomic materials and a forum for sharing samples, data, and ideas, the Ocean Genome Resource collection aims to serve as a catalyst for research that can help to protect marine ecosystems and improve the human condition.


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