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MSC Graduate Student Wins Dissertation Completion Fellowship

Congratulations to Dan Blustein, a graduate student in the Ayers Lab at the MSC, for winning a Dissertation Completion Fellowship from the University.

Tarik Gouhier

Using synchrony to connect the dots

Assistant Professor Tarik Gouhier and a colleague have developed a new statistical package, featured in the Journal Methods of Ecology and Evolution


Mission 31 to splash down on June 1

Northeastern researchers will investigate the effects of global change on reef ecology as part of Mission 31, documentary filmmaker Fabien Cousteau’s 31-day underwater expedition off the coast of Florida.

intertidal algae

Nitrogen Availability Limits Phosphorous Uptake in Fucus vesiculosus

Just as humans need certain nutrients to be able to absorb other nutrients, the same appears to be true for a common local seaweed


Life lessons from counting phytoplankton

Samantha Wessel is on co-op at the Marine Science Center, and getting her hands wet in a number of areas, including the Patterson lab.

staghorn coral

Marine researcher sticks to her roots

Jennifer Elliott, a doctoral candidate at the Marine Science Center, is pursuing research on the coral reefs in her homeland of Mauritius.

Boston skyline from MSC

Ocean Genome Legacy and MSC hit the press

As featured in today’s Boston Globe, there are many mutual benefits to the Ocean Genome Legacy’s move to the Marine Science Center.

mytilus californianus

Environmental and Temporal Scales Affect Biological Predictions

Climate models can help to predict biological responses to climate change, even when species are accustomed to fluctuating conditions


Geographic variation in the rocky intertidal communities across the Gulf of Maine

The Gulf of Maine’s rocky intertidal zone has many region-wide defining characteristics, as well as some notable subregional differences.

intertidal algae

Snails Don’t Only Eat Seaweed, They Help It Grow, Too!

Research suggests that snails can do both harm AND good to marine algae on the rocky shore.

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