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A tale of two foundation species

A recent faculty publication examines the unique roles played by two co-occurring foundation species in mangrove forests, revealing that not all foundation species are created equal.

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Water in the Netherlands – Past, Present, and Future

The UCSI’s Jen­ Mocarski reflects on her recent trip abroad as part of the Florida Earth Foundation’s US-​​Netherlands Con­nec­tion Project.


MSC researcher assesses the impact of fishing gear on essential fish habitats

The MSC’s Jon Grabowski quantifies the impact of fishing gear on essential fish habitats in order to inform sustainable fisheries management


Mission 31 scientists appear on Science360 Radio

MSC Professors Mark Patterson and Brian Helmuth speak about Mission 31 research on NSF’s Science360 network


MSC researcher highlights important role of citizens in invasive species management

A recent publication by MSC postdoctoral researcher Steven Scyphers highlights the importance of citizen efforts in tackling conservation problems such as the spread of invasive species.


Oyster reefs can outpace sea-level rise

Research by MSC Associate Professor Jon Grabowski suggests that oyster reefs can grow faster than previously thought – and faster than sea levels can rise.

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3Qs: Why time is now to link science, ocean policy

MSC professor Brian Helmuth, has co-authored a paper in Nature Climate Change examining the need to further integrate science into U.S. climate and ocean policy.


What’s wiping out the Caribbean corals?

MSC students Sarah Gignoux-Wolfsohn and Felicia Aronson turned to crowdfunding to support their work on examining white-band disease, which has killed up to 95% of the Caribbean’s reef building corals.

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Nature Climate Change publishes MSC faculty’s paper

MSC Professor Brian Helmuth recently co-authored a paper about science integration into US climate and ocean policy

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Higher temperatures may mean more productive seaweed in some locations

Does temperature matter to a seaweed? Research by Helmuth Lab graduate student Nicholas Colvard suggests that it does – with tide cycles and climate change as important factors to consider.

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