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A new perspective on the “balance” of nature

in order to better understand and protect natural systems, Assistant Professor Tarik Gouhier highlights the need for ecologists to move away from the notion that all ecosystems are in equilibrium.

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It’s all relative: Demystifying phylogenetic relationships among Arachnids

How have arthropods been so successful at radiating into nearly all of earth’s ecosystems? MSC graduate student Stefan Kaluziak and colleagues investigate.


Three Seas and MS Marine Biology program approved for expansion

The MSC’s signature Three Seas Program has been approved for expansion, increasing the opportunity for undergraduate and graduate students to participate.


Identifying a vertical zonation “hot spot” for oyster reef restoration

How do resource managers decide where and how to restore oysters reefs? MSC graduate student Chris Baillie’s research investigates this question.

Eileen Sheehan Antarctica

Antarctic co-op: Reflection

Biochemistry major Eileen Sheehan reflects on her co-op at Palmer Station in Antarctica, where she’s conducted scientific research in the field.


How does marine life survive climate extremes?

MSC Assistant Professor, Tarik Gouhier, received NSF funding to develop new methods for studying how Gulf of Maine organisms respond to climate extremes.


Two weeks under the sea with the MSC’s Liz Magee

MSC Three Seas Coordinator and Dive Safety Officer, Liz Magee, was one of the lucky aquanauts who took part in Mission 31. Catch up with her story on NOVA.


A tale of two foundation species

A recent faculty publication examines the unique roles played by two co-occurring foundation species in mangrove forests, revealing that not all foundation species are created equal.

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Water in the Netherlands – Past, Present, and Future

The UCSI’s Jen­ Mocarski reflects on her recent trip abroad as part of the Florida Earth Foundation’s US-​​Netherlands Con­nec­tion Project.


MSC researcher assesses the impact of fishing gear on essential fish habitats

The MSC’s Jon Grabowski quantifies the impact of fishing gear on essential fish habitats in order to inform sustainable fisheries management

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