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Lobsters hide from cod, not the other way around

If you think you are about to become the victim of an attack, police say one way to potentially protect yourself is to hide. In the lobster world, the same goes. Lobsters hide from their predators.

Fabian Cousteau

Researchers ready for historic aquatic ‘Mission’

Forty years after the world became captivated with “The Undersea World of Jacques Cousteau”, his grandson, Fabien, is attempting to do the same, and some NU researchers are along for this thrilling ride under the sea.


Communicating climate change

Together with faculty members from three of the University’s Colleges, Professor Brian Helmuth is working to communicate about climate change through his own work and that of the Urban Coastal Sustainability Initiative.

intertidal algae

Size is important – even for algae

Associate Professor Matt Bracken recently published findings of a six-year study in the journal Ecology. Bracken and colleagues measured the effect that seaweed diversity has on invertebrates large and small in the rocky intertidal zones of northern California.


MSC faculty take part in SustaiNUbility event

Professors Geoff Trussell and Brian Helmuth, both key players in Northeastern’s Urban Coastal Sustainability Initiative, took part in the SustaiNUbility event showcasing the University’s research and practice across numerous realms.

Marine Science Center Stock

You are one-in-30-million

The Marine Science Center recently, and unexpectedly, became home to one of the rarest lobsters in the world.  What makes a calico calico?  College of Science blogger, Angela Herring, tries to find that answer.


No place to hide?

Many researchers at the Marine Science Center study how predator-prey interactions shape coastal ecosystems, and “ecosystem engineer” species play a critical role.


Are they venting? A question for recreational anglers

Postdoctoral Researcher, Steven Scyphers, works with the Grabowski Lab at the Marine Science Center and investigates the human side of fisheries management.

Nadia Ammoum

Diving right in, student researcher explores coastal habitats

During Nadia Aamoum’s six-​​month inter­na­tional co-​​op in the island nation of Sey­chelles, north of Mada­gascar, the ocean was her work­place.

combosch coral

Making whoopee, coral style

Most species are content with just one form of reproduction, but not for the coral p. damicornis. These guys make babies sexually and asexually. Doctoral candidate David Combosch wants to know why.

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