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Striped bass

Crowd funding to help inform fisheries management

Second year PhD student Robert Murphy has turned his passion for recreational fishing into a dissertation project documenting the health, diet, and habitat use of a popular Massachusetts game fish, the striped bass.

Gulf of Maine

Climate models suggest major changes in coastal marine ecosystems

Cli­mate change over the 21st cen­tury will sig­nif­i­cantly alter an impor­tant oceano­graphic process that reg­u­lates the pro­duc­tivity of fish­eries and marine ecosys­tems, according to an inter­dis­ci­pli­nary research team led by North­eastern University.

Marine Science Center Stock

New approach to understanding climate change

Professor Brian Helmuth, deeply involved in the Urban Coastal Sustainability Initiative, shares his thoughts on how looking at climate change in a different way will be helpful.


Looking ahead: Coastal sustainability in 2015

The MSC Director talks about how coastal ero­sion, rising sea levels, fishery issues, and inva­sive species are some of the major issues facing urban coastal sus­tain­ability this year.


A model and test to make sense of complex ecosystems

MSC professor uses modeling and field testing to understand how environmental & ecological processes shape ecosystems across scales in space & time.

staghorn coral

Genetic evidence for division of labor in coral colonies

MSC graduate student offers genetic evidence indicating that distinct regions of a coral colony perform different functions.

Marine Science Center

Looking ahead: Science in 2015

Murray Gibson, founding dean of the Col­lege of Sci­ence, dis­cusses some of last year’s most fas­ci­nating sci­ence advances and what he’ll be watching closely in 2015.

Marine Science Center Stock

A global network for marine sustainability

Experts from around the world recently came together at the MSC as part of a new international network of scientists dedicated to studying climate change through the lens of marine sustainability.


Out with the generalizations: a new approach to understanding climate change

Professor Brian Helmuth and colleagues have developed a new approach designed to avoid generalizations that fail to capture variability in nature.


MSC undergraduate researchers receive competitive Provost’s award

Two undergraduates have received the Provost’s Undergraduate Research and Creative Endeavors Award to conduct research at the MSC

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