Northeastern University's Master of Science in Marine Biology

The Master of Science in Marine Biology degree program provides the advanced skill set needed to pursue an entry- to mid-level career in marine research, or can serve as a springboard into the nation's top PhD programs in marine biology. This 15-month full-time program is offered in conjunction with Northeastern University's Three Seas program. Learn More...


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Laura Evangelista
Graduate Program Assistant


Students are admitted into the Master of Science in Marine Biology program for the fall Semester.

The deadline for priority admission is February 1.

Applications received after this date will be reviewed on a rolling admissions basis.

 Come Visit Us

Prospective students should arrange to visit the Marine Science Center in Nahant, preferably during the fall semester when the program is in residence. Otherwise let’s talk! Contact us to arrange a visit or phone interview.

 Alumni In Action

Lindsay Green (MS Marine Biology 2010), now a PhD student at UNH, just published her MS research project: Refuge availability increases kelp consumption by purple sea urchins exposed to predation risk cue. Aquatic Biology, 2012 Vol. 17, pp. 141-144.