Northeastern University Mail Services
ResMail (Resident Mail Services )

ResMail and Shipping Store locations: 

7 Speare Hall Lower Level and 716 Columbus Ave. Lower Level 40 CP


Hours of operation for package pick-up:  

Monday - Friday 8 AM - 8 PM and Saturday 10 AM - 4 PM


Hours of operation for Shipping Store:

Monday - Friday 8 AM - 7:45 PM and Saturday 10 AM - 3:45 PM


We can be reached at (617) 373-5108

Speare – ext. 1

Columbus – ext. 2

Most Northeastern-owned residence halls have mail delivered by ResMail. However, all leased properties and some Northeastern-owned facilities are served by the U.S. Postal Service (USPS).

See a list of addresses served by ResMail.   See a list of addresses served by USPS.

Frequently Asked Questions



When will I receive my mail?
After the United States Postal Service makes its delivery to ResMail, the mail is sorted by building and package notification is emailed to your myNortheastern account for every package received. Your mail is typically delivered to your mailbox the next scheduled mail delivery.

How are mail service problems addressed?
Our staff is committed to the efficient and secure handling of your mail. If you experience problems with any of our services, please notify ResMail immediately by phone at 617-373-5108 or in person where you can speak directly to a supervisor or fill out a Student Concern Form.

I'm known by my nickname. Is that a problem?
Yes. Different spellings or nicknames may be rejected by our computerized system and the mail will be returned to sender, so be sure your family, friends and business contacts do not use nicknames in your address. Also, please let us know if you are expecting something that might have been sent to you under your parents name by mistake.  Our database searches for and recognizes the same name you gave the Registrar. For example, mail addressed to "Skip Somebody" may not be accepted if the Registrar has him listed as "Richard Somebody."

Do I have to include my full name in the return address?
Absolutely. We have no way of knowing where to return the mail without your full name and University address.  As a general rule, all mail should include a return address.

How should my mail be addressed?
Correctly addressing the envelope is the most important aspect of any mailing. To facilitate efficient sorting and processing, USPS recommends capital letters without punctuation and requires the use of standard abbreviations. Your mail should be addressed as follows:
Your Name # (your mailbox number) Mailing Address City State 5-Digit ZIP


More tips:

  • USPS recommends that the preface "BOX" is not used, however, the # sign is an acceptable substitution. The term "BOX" causes the USPS mail sorting machines to automatically assign the mail piece to a USPS PO Box and could lead to delays or possible mis-delivery of your mail.
  • If you live on Columbus Ave. your zip code is 02120.
  • Do not include Northeastern University in your address, as it will cause delays.
  • Address mail by box number and NOT room number if you are living in a building that is delivered by ResMail.
  • Do not mail any packages to yourself at Northeastern until one week before the start of the term.

Are there any mail restrictions?
Your friends and family should not send you cash through the mail. Nor should they send you perishable items such as food or flowers. We cannot control when the package will be picked up and will not accept responsibility for spoilage.  Note:  Flowers but must be in a box from a vendor such as 1-800-Flowers, we will not accept open vases of flower as packages for any resident on campus. Also, we cannot accept any form of COD packages, food deliveries such as Peapod or the like.


Where is my mailbox?
In most cases your mailbox is located in your residence hall. Mailbox assignments and combinations will be available at your building on move-in day and on the myNortheastern portal in September; at all other times, this information will be posted on the myNortheastern portal or may be picked up at ResMail. Mailboxes use a standard right-left-right combination formula.  If you have any issues regarding your mailbox or combination please come in to ResMail to speak to a supervisor or fill out a Student Concern Form so we may remedy the problem as soon as possible.


What are my responsibilities?
Once assigned, your mailbox and its contents are your responsibility. Do not leave your box open while unattended and do not give your combination to anyone. You may be charged a fee for any necessary repairs due to vandalism.  Also, please do not litter the floors around the mailboxes with unwanted mail or push the mail back through the slot.  Instead, please use the mail recycling bins provided near each mailroom.  When you move from one dorm to another, you are required to clear out your mailbox.

May I send mail from my residence hall?
A mail drop-box is located in most residence halls to send stamped outgoing USPS mail. You may also use this box to send mail to other on-campus residents or to university offices without adding postage.  Do not put outgoing FedEx or UPS letters or packages in these outgoing mail bins; they will not be processed and will be returned to you.

What if I move to another residence hall?
First please check your myNortheastern portal to see if your Mailbox Information has been updated.  If not, you must stop by ResMail to pick up your new mailbox assignment. If you fail to notify people of your new address, your mail may be delayed.  Please change your address for items such as bills, banks statements, debit/credit cards, jury duty summons, social security cards, IRS tax refunds, and magazine subscriptions which you receive regularly by contacting the appropriate service providers.

How should packages that are sent to me be addressed?
Packages should be addressed as you would address your mail. ResMail uses student’s first and last names as well as their mailbox numbers to log packages. If a different name, such as a parents name, or a nickname is used instead of the name on file with the Registrar it may be returned. If you know a package has been improperly addressed please contact us, on the phone or in person, otherwise your package might be returned to sender.

How will I know that a package has come?
ResMail accepts packages for resident students from USPS and all major couriers. We email a package notification to your myNortheastern account when the package is entered into our computer system. If you have not received a notification and believe your package has been delivered to ResMail, you can stop by our office to check at any time, or call us at (617) 373-5108.

How do I claim my package?
You must come to ResMail at Speare Commons and present a photo ID. Students living at Davenport A or B, 10 Coventry,  780 Columbus Avenue and International Village must come to ResMail located at 716 Columbus Avenue and present a photo ID. Carts are available from ResLife to assist you in taking large packages to your residence hall. Also, students with mobility concerns may have larger packages delivered to their residences by making arrangements with the ResMail Manager. You must pick up your own package. You CANNOT have someone else sign out a package for you.


What if I don't claim my package?
If your package is unclaimed five days after the package email notification has been sent, a reminder notification will be sent. You will receive five emails if the package is unclaimed. At the Final Notification email is sent, the package will be returned to sender after five days, a total of 30 days. In cases of perishable items, ResMail reserves the right to expedite the return process. 

What about emergency deliveries?
Overnight couriers deliver at various times of the day. If you are expecting an emergency delivery, call or stop by ResMail to ask if it has arrived.  Please refer to hours of operation.

Do you recommend a delivery service?
No. We accept deliveries from all major express couriers. You may want to compare couriers to determine which one offers the price, package-tracking and insuring capabilities you require.

What if I plan to move off campus?
Before you formally check out of a residence hall, update your new address on your myNortheastern portal. You should also fill out a change of address form at the local post office as well as notify you family, friends, and business contacts (bills, magazine subscriptions, etc.) of your new address as soon as possible. If you are moving back home for the summer or perhaps just a semester for co-op, please verify your home or forwarding address on the portal and the Registrar at least a week before leaving campus. If the university lists your current on-campus address as your home address, you must change it on the myNortheastern portal and the Registrar or your mail will be returned to sender. However, we urge you to verify your home address with the Registrar before leaving campus.

Will my mail be forwarded when I move off campus?
Yes. ResMail has a computerized forwarding address system that enables us to forward your mail for up to nine months after you withdraw from university housing. Other automated systems can determine your housing status and help our staff decide how to handle your mail, whether you are currently living on campus; no longer in university housing but have given us a new forwarding address; or no longer in university housing, but have left your home address as a forwarding address.  This is why it is very important to confirm your change of address on myNortheastern portal, the Registrar, your local post office, family, friends, and business contacts each time you move.

Will all of my mail be forwarded?
We will forward all first-class mail, periodicals and non-registered USPS packages for up to nine months. All other packages will not be accepted by ResMail and are subject to the courier's policy for final destination. Please be aware that bulk rate mail comes in two classifications: "Endorsed Bulk Rate" and "Unendorsed Bulk Rate." If the bulk rate stamp is followed by a phrase indicating that the sender will pay to have it forwarded, this item is considered "Endorsed Bulk Mail," so ResMail will give USPS a forwarding address for you. Typically, Endorsed Bulk Rate pieces include phrases like "Forwarding postage guaranteed," "Return postage guaranteed" or "Address correction requested." If the bulk rate stamp is not followed by one of these phrases, this mail will not be forwarded.


Some examples of mail that is usually not forwarded include catalogs from vendors such as Victoria’s Secret, Dell Computers, the Gap, etc. 


Mail from non-profits such as blood drive information will continue to be forwarded as long as you have an updated address in our system. 


&ResMail will not forward your mail if the address you give is "in care of" some other person. Just as you are the only one who can pick up your mail on campus, you are the only person to whom we can forward your mail.

What if I am having a problem with my mailbox or mail delivery?

Please contact ResMail during our business hours Monday - Friday 8 AM – 8 PM, Saturday 10 AM – 4 PM via phone at 617-373-5108 or stop by in person.


Why can’t  bank checks be delivered to my mailbox along with the rest of my mail?

At ResMail's discretion, we may deem it necessary to make certain items accountable mail, meaning the student must sign for the item.  Netflix, bank checks, prescriptions, contact lenses etc. are deemed to be items of value and a signature is required.  In some instances mailboxes are shared with roommates and items can be misplaced.