Affordable Healthcare?

Quality healthcare in the United States doesn’t have to cost as much as it does, according to Distinguished Professor of International Business and Strategy Ravi Ramamurti.In an article published in […]

City Sounds

It’s no wonder that Jasmine Hagans, AS’09, landed her dream job in the arts just a few years after graduation. The music major, with a concentration in music industry, managed […]

Out of This World

After winning a national startup competition, Quad Technologies will become the first Northeastern-based venture to take product testing into outer space.Founded in 2012, Quad Technologies is the brainchild of associate […]

Disease Detector

Faster, better, cheaper. Those three words are the Holy Grail in new-product development, especially in the healthcare field. All three describe Biolom’s miniaturized sensors, which aim to rapidly detect cancer, […]

Through a Global Lens

Northeastern’s global opportunities offer students the rare chance not just to travel the world, but to make a difference in it. The depth of those experiences—working, serving, and living abroad—also […]

Nobel Laureate Joins Faculty

Nobel Laureate Sir Richard Roberts, a world-renowned scientist in the field of genomics and molecular biology, has joined Northeastern’s faculty as a Distinguished University Professor in the College of Science. […]


Brain FoodWhen it comes to preparing for that crucial presentation at work, one of the top-five brain foods is (you’re going to love this) chocolate—specifically, dark chocolate. This recommendation comes […]

Master Builders

In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, a team of four newly minted Northeastern grads won a national architectural competition to design sustainable homes for the devastated coastline of the Red […]