Knowledge Generators

Northeastern’s $100 million research enterprise, co-op program, and other experiential offerings open doors to competitive graduate programs, including the university’s own.Tom Cinq-Mars, AS’10 Duke University PhD student Modern Russian historyA […]


The Tolerance Trap: How God, Genes, and Good Intentions Are Sabotaging Gay EqualityNYU Press; 2014; 336 pagesBY SUZANNA WALTERS, PROFESSOR OF SOCIOLOGY AND DIRECTOR OF THE WOMEN’S, GENDER, AND SEXUALITY […]

The Hidden Impact of Trauma

Three Northeastern psychology professors are exploring how traumatic experiences—violence, drugs, emotional abuse, and neglect—can rearrange the way our brains work. Their goal: to understand how these neurological changes make a […]

Linked Up

After majoring in finance at Northeastern, Samantha Carr, DMSB’12, found her niche in sales. Great co-ops had taught her what she needed to thrive: a workplace that was “fast-paced, with […]

Lessons in Giving

Four generous parents are putting their money where their hearts lie: in helping students experience the power of giving.Inspired by undergraduates’ desire to make their world a better place, Stuart […]

Fueling Partnerships

When an ambitious student with a great idea hits a stumbling block, what’s the worst that could happen? If guidance and resources are scarce, that student might miss out on […]

Dog Days

Ever wonder what your dog is doing while you’re at work? Dan Knudsen, AS’06 (above right), wants to keep pets entertained, not ripping the stuffing out of your couch.Knudsen is […]

Cycling for Success

Jess Bashelor, AS’10, never anticipated owning her own business. But her company, The Handle Bar Indoor Cycling Studio, has kicked into high gear since its launch in 2013. The studio […]