Early Warning System

Every year, New England weather seems to produce a perfect storm for potholes—the scourge of urban transportation. A team of faculty and students, led by civil and environmental engineering professors […]

Charity Begins Here

When Rebecca Riccio talks, the Buffett family listens—at least when the topic is charitable giving. When multibillionaire Warren Buffett’s sister, Doris, decided to create a free online course about philanthropy, […]

A New Vacation Hot Spot

When Marta Skomin, E’14, took part in the College of Engineering’s inaugural Silicon Valley Spring Break program in 2012, she and her Northeastern classmates spent the week visiting three to […]

It Takes a Village

An architectural rendering shows Northeastern’s newest residence hall, East Village, a 17-story addition built off the back of the YMCA building on Huntington Avenue, with the facade facing Cullinane Hall […]

Man vs. Trolley

Anyone who has taken Boston’s Green Line trolley knows that it is sloooow. Michael Ravert, CIS’16, decided to prove what many of us have thought: “I could get there faster […]

With Equality for All

She’s been called the Thurgood Marshall of the gay rights movement. And now her trailblazing work has been recognized with a “genius grant.” Mary Bonauto, L’84, a pioneer in the fight […]

Fast Track

Up in Lights   Doug Appleton, As’10When he was a kid, Doug Appleton, AS’10, feasted on Nickelodeon cartoons, especially Hey Arnold! To his amazement, the show listed a background animator also […]

In the News

“This is like getting lottery tickets. So when the probability is very small, you don’t expect to win the lottery. But at a level of 10 percent risk, it becomes only a […]

What’s Killing the Coral?

Here’s what we know about white-band disease: It has already killed 95 percent of the Caribbean’s endangered elkhorn and staghorn corals, and it’s caused by an infectious bacterium that’s transmitted […]


The Tolerance Trap: How God, Genes, and Good Intentions Are Sabotaging Gay EqualityNYU Press; 2014; 336 pagesBY SUZANNA WALTERS, PROFESSOR OF SOCIOLOGY AND DIRECTOR OF THE WOMEN’S, GENDER, AND SEXUALITY […]