The Wright Stuff

Ryan Wright’s perpetually dying cellphone inspired him to create a sustainable solution: solar-powered charging stations spread out around college campuses, city parks, and other public places. His startup, WrightGrid, manufactures […]

The Art of Fielding: 1903

In 1903, the first World Series—pitting the Boston Americans against the Pittsburgh Pirates—was played in what is now the heart of the Northeastern campus. A year later, Cy Young pitched […]

Oscar Wild!

Before the 2014 Academy Awards ceremony, movie star Cate Blanchett playfully attempted to steal his briefcase. A few minutes later, actor Samuel L. Jackson—along with buddies Harrison Ford, John Travolta, […]

Design Initiative

Laura Marelic, AMD’15, saw a need and jumped in to fill the void. As a graphic design major, she was struck by the number of students who approached her to […]

Making Airwaves Ca. 1969

You could say WNEU was the little radio station that launched a thousand careers. One particularly noteworthy one belonged to Donna Halper. Shown here about to spin a Donovan tune […]

‘Voluntary Negroes’

Nancy Cunard, a British activist and a “Miss Anne,” with English artist John Banting and singer Taylor Gordon (right). Copyright Hulton-Deutsch Collection/CorbisIn the early 1900s, the black community used the […]