Mr. Television

Chances are, this man has had a hand in what’s on your TV screen—or laptop, tablet, or phone—right now. From American Idol, Politically Incorrect With Bill Maher, and The Simple […]

Grad Track

As far back as he can remember, Nick Gedeon, S’14, has been fascinated by the body’s inner workings and his own diabetes. Diagnosed at age 2, he was 8 when […]

It Takes a Leader

As Young stood by with a prospective client in safety goggles, she heard a muted snap. Vapors began wafting from a critical component of Artisan’s new system, which contained ceramic […]

Sweet Victory

In the fall of 2011, having recently returned from combat duty in Afghanistan, Marine Corps Sgt. Charles Nathan Swope enrolled in Northeastern’s online MBA program. Three months later, he was […]

The Joy of Mentoring

Dan McCarthy the professor and Jeff McCarthy the venture capitalist aren’t blood brothers, but they often joke that they may as well be. Dan’s dad and Jeff’s mom once lived […]

By the Bootstraps

Northeastern’s entrepreneurs rely on wits and ingenuity to build and test prototypes. They also tap IDEA, the student-run venture accelerator, for expertise. Of these four ventures, three won gap and/or […]

We Empower

Bold. Distinctive. Experiential. Entrepreneurial. Global. Innovative. Empowering. These defining traits lie at the heart of Empower: The Campaign for Northeastern, a comprehensive fundraising drive to secure $1 billion in support […]