Home Sweet Home

The ocean: We’ve plundered and polluted it. But with the majority of the world’s largest cities perched upon its shore, the question has become, can we learn to live in […]

Strike Three

The batter—one of the most feared sluggers to ever play professional baseball—had two strikes against him. The pitcher got the sign from his catcher, took a deep breath, and threw […]

A Model for the Nation

When Sheila Harrity, EDD’13, was named National High School Principal of the Year for orchestrating her school’s academic rebirth, she certainly didn’t expect a reward like this: a commencement address […]

Food for Thought

Several times each year, the same students who do the Chickamauga trip participate in the “Oxbridge Dinners.” Named for Oxford and Cambridge universities, these elegant dinners provide students with an […]

Fast Track

All-Terrain Research  Clint Valentine, S’15Whether tunneling into lobsters’ brains or ascending mountain peaks, Clint Valentine, S’15, has a passion for taking his work outside the classroom.Last summer, he set off […]

Silence is Golden

Genetics expert Jeanne Lawrence recently electrified the research world with the discovery of a way to silence the extra chromosome responsible for Down syndrome. And this from someone who didn’t […]

Aoun, Obama on Higher-Ed Access

President Joseph E. Aoun and other prominent leaders in higher education met with President Barack Obama in January to discuss daunting higher-education issues, including access, affordability, and success for low-income […]

Like Father, Like Daughter

SHOOTING THREES AND SHAKING THE BASKETBALL ESTABLISHMENT: The Short, Chaotic Run of the American Basketball League(ST. JOHANN PRESS; 2013; 120 PAGES) By Bob Lieb, professor of supply chain managementGENDER, BRANDING, […]


LifeBlood: Oil, Freedom, and the Forces of Capital(UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA PRESS; 2013; 288 PAGES) By Matthew T. Huber, MA’04Many people in the United States believe that our nation is addicted […]