Sorry, Wrong Decade

Assistant history professor Ben Schmidt has garnered a hefty amount of publicity in the last few months—from The Atlantic, The New Yorker, PBS—with a quirky invention he has dubbed the […]

Phoenix Rising

It’s a long way from Geneva Avenue in Boston to Geneva, Switzerland. But for Stanislas Phanord, SSH’14, the physical journey from the tenements of Dorchester to the diplomacy capital of […]

The Future of Storytelling

The story had everything—murder, pirates, and drugs—and was set in an exotic location along the Mekong River in Thailand. The problem was where to sell the story in an age […]

Writing with Digital Dazzle

Brooks CanadayWhen Jeff Howe first laid eyes on “Snow Fall,” he said to himself, “This is it.” The Pulitzer Prize-winning article uses a dazzling array of multimedia techniques to tell […]

The Most Dangerous Game

Decker Watson was living a dozen blocks from New York City’s World Trade Center on Sept. 11, 2001, when a commercial airliner speared the North Tower and burst into a […]

Tiny Science

Science Lab in a BoxTania Konry, an assistant professor of pharmaceutical sciences, has developed a portable device so small, fast, and inexpensive that it has the potential to change the […]


When a wall of water 30 feet high and traveling 500 mph slammed into Japan’s coastline in March 2011, James Jones, AS’04, had special cause for concern. Jones was born […]

A Voice of One’s Own

Would Morgan Freeman still be Morgan Freeman if he sounded like Homer Simpson? How about Marilyn Monroe with the voice of Julia Child? Would Darth Vader personify evil if he […]

Lessons from the Front Lines

Illustration by Sean McCabeThe cannon and musket fire was deafening and smoke hung so thick across the fields that fleeing Union soldiers could see fewer than a dozen yards in […]