A Voice of One’s Own

Would Morgan Freeman still be Morgan Freeman if he sounded like Homer Simpson? How about Marilyn Monroe with the voice of Julia Child? Would Darth Vader personify evil if he […]

Lessons from the Front Lines

Illustration by Sean McCabeThe cannon and musket fire was deafening and smoke hung so thick across the fields that fleeing Union soldiers could see fewer than a dozen yards in […]

The Diffusion Chamber

At the same time Kim Lewis was decoding the mysteries of persister cells, he teamed up with Northeastern microbiology professor Slava Epstein to search for new antibiotics.  In 2001, the […]

A Busy Week

In addition to the performance itself, held at Northeastern’s Blackman Auditorium, the writer and cast of Word Becomes Flesh conducted a weeklong residency at Northeastern, working with classes and community […]

Season Preview: Men’s Hoops

The Huskies are coming off their most successful season in recent history. But with the graduation of the all-conference backcourt tandem of Joel Smith and Jonathan Lee—three-year starters who scored […]

Word Becomes Flesh

The performance was stunning and the workshops enlightening, but the most important function of Word Becomes Flesh may have been to bridge the chasm that separates so many universities from […]

3 Qs with Uta G. Poiger

An aging Mark Twain once famously quipped that “reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated.” A similar claim could be made about the fate of the humanities. Last spring, […]

Shoulder to Shoulder

The typical global experience for college students goes something like this: A crew of youthful idealists from the U.S. flies into a developing nation to show the locals how to […]