The dramatic increase in do-it-yourself law has created major problems nationwide, putting people who represent themselves at a disadvantage and bogging down courts with litigants who don’t understand the system. […]

Defining a New Art Form

Ralph Pucci, AS’76, has never been one to follow the crowd. Over the past 39 years, he has transformed mannequin design into high art, gaining international acclaim for his unique […]

On the Frontlines: First Contact

I can’t even count the number of times I’ve cried at work,” says Shereen Russell, while describing the horrifying stories she hears from refugees who have fled the most troubled […]

The Way We Were

Whether the subject is FDR’s New Deal or the evolution of Alfred E. Neuman, the stories in the debut issues of these iconic magazines offer an intriguing glimpse into who […]

Crushing Bias

While protests and media coverage have shined a spotlight on police abuse, Northeastern law professor Daniel Medwed believes there is an equally pressing issue related to the uneven distribution of […]

How Green is “Green”?

When we think of “green” products, we typically think of the impact they have during their lifetime—do they consume less power, release less greenhouse gas, and emit fewer toxins into […]

All Roads Lead to…

When James Pallotta, MBA’81, bought a controlling interest in the Rome soccer team in 2012, no one was surprised that he declared his intention to transform the struggling franchise into “the […]

On the Front Lines

OUR OWN BACKYARD“I want to teach my students the importance of having a hard head and a soft heart.”Olivia Allen has 28 bosses. Each of them is 10 years old. […]

Rethinking the Marshmallow Test

David DeSteno believes that emotion has gotten a bad rap. Social scientists have long vilified emotion as the enemy of delayed gratification. However, DeSteno’s research shows that activating the right emotions […]