Speed and Endurance

Racing nonstop through two nights and three days across 635 miles of open ocean isn’t for the faint of heart. There is the threat of sudden storms and the mental […]

The Belonging Project

Ghana, Pakistan, Ukraine, Iran, Belize, Malaysia—they came from every corner of the globe to live in Northern Ireland, a country that is 98 percent white and was recently dubbed by […]

Scores of the Coen Brothers

To music professor Matthew McDonald, a movie’s soundtrack is as much a part of the film’s ultimate meaning as the actors, the cinematography, and the script itself. It establishes mood, […]

Listen First, Solve Second

Pity the Peace Corps worker who spent two years in a remote South American village installing toilets, only to return a year later to find his sparkling new bathrooms all […]

The Ultimate Test

Photos: Maria AmasantiIt’s an elaborate ballet of grace and courage, a super-spectacle of extravagant costumes, elegant pageantry, and centuries-old tradition.  It is also, hands down, the most brutal, pitiless sport on […]

The Future of Storytelling

The story had everything—murder, pirates, and drugs—and was set in an exotic location along the Mekong River in Thailand. The problem was where to sell the story in an age […]

Writing with Digital Dazzle

Brooks CanadayWhen Jeff Howe first laid eyes on “Snow Fall,” he said to himself, “This is it.” The Pulitzer Prize-winning article uses a dazzling array of multimedia techniques to tell […]

Sorry, Wrong Decade

Assistant history professor Ben Schmidt has garnered a hefty amount of publicity in the last few months—from The Atlantic, The New Yorker, PBS—with a quirky invention he has dubbed the […]

Phoenix Rising

It’s a long way from Geneva Avenue in Boston to Geneva, Switzerland. But for Stanislas Phanord, SSH’14, the physical journey from the tenements of Dorchester to the diplomacy capital of […]