A partial list of current students.

Seth Avakian, PhD. candidateSeth Avakian is the Prevention Specialist at the Office of Sexual Assault Prevention and Response at Harvard University. As the Prevention Specialist, he focuses on outreach to men while working with the wider Harvard community to increase awareness and to educate about sexual assault and dating violence. He also curates and nurtures, generating unique media and blogging to promote gender equality and sexual respect. Previous to his work at Harvard, Seth focused on residential education at Northeastern University and the University of California–Santa Barbara. During his time as full-time staff and a part-time doctoral student in Law, Policy, and Society at Northeastern University, Seth also served as adjunct faculty in the College Student Development and Counseling master’s program. Seth also worked in the Dean of Students Office at the University of Massachusetts–Amherst, where he earned his B.A. in Political Science and a Master’s of Higher Education Administration. His passion for social justice also includes cross-cultural communication, using media to enhance learning, and the psychology of groups and power. Seth is currently working on his dissertation, focusing on higher education policy, neoliberalism, the for-profit sector, and civic engagement.

Publications: It’s Complicated. A Men’s Guide to Hooking Up, Relationships, and College Life (in press) Safer Society Press, Brandon, VT

Michael Burns, PhD. candidateMaster of Business Administration, Northeastern University (1988)
Master of Science in Taxation, Northeastern University (2000)
Master of Science in Financial Planning, Bentley College (2006)Currently Mike is working at Sun Life Retirement Services in Boston. He has worked in several mutual fund companies, banks, and software companies, in technical and communications roles, most recently as a tax researcher and writer, policies and procedures manager, and product developer for financial institutions. Mike’s interests are in political economics and moral and political philosophy, especially concentrating in social welfare and most specifically, taxation policies.

Sarah Damberger, PhD. candidate

Originally from Minnesota, Sarah moved to Boston in 2006 and shortly afterwards joined the Law and Public Policy Ph.D program. Her primary interests are researching cultural and public policy, with a particular focus on the role that cultural organizations play in promoting community health. She received an M.A. in Arts Administration from Saint Mary’s University (2005) and graduated summa cum laude with a B.A. in Architecture from the University of Minnesota (2002). In addition to her studies in the LPP Ph.D program, Sarah recently joined Northeastern’s Doctorate in Law and Policy program as a Doctoral Fellow specializing in two areas: research models, analysis, and applications, and law and policy. Sarah also serves as editor for Northeastern’s new peer-reviewed journal, the E-Journal of Applied Law and Policy. Professionally, Sarah has broad experience in nonprofit and cultural management, including experience in fundraising, marketing, evaluation, and board relations. Among her current projects, Sarah is creating a teacher’s manual for the upcoming edition of Elementary Statistics in Social Research: The Essentials, by James Alan Fox and Jack Levin. She serves as a volunteer Gallery Associate for the Mills Gallery at the Boston Center for the Arts and provides guidance for a variety of nonprofit establishment and funding projects.

Jerome Dean, PhD. candidate

Jerome earned his BS in Urban and Regional Studies and his Master’s in Regional Planning from Cornell University. His current interests are in the connections between social policies and social movements of the past few decades and their effects on labor market outcomes. He has worked over the past decade and a half in workforce development primarily in Boston.

Marina Draper, PhD. candidateMarina is a graduate of the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences where she earned a Bachelor of Science in Pharmaceutical Sciences and a Master of Science in Drug Regulatory Affairs and Health Policy. Marina is a regulatory professional in the biotechology and pharmaceutical sector where she develops chemistry, manufacturing and controls (CMC) licensing strategies for domestic and international markets. Marina has worked for prominent companies such as Genzyme, Wyeth, and sanofi Pasteur and is presently completing the Law and Public Policy (LPP) Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) Degree at Northeastern University. Her focus is in Health Policy, with additional scholarly interests in drug law and regulation, health policy and politics, public health, and social research. For her Ph.D. research, Marina is developing a survey which will be fielded in Massachusetts about knowledge, attitudes, behaviors and system level barriers to herpes zoster (shingles) vaccination coverage. Marina’s Ph.D. Dissertation will focus on legal and policy barriers with shingles vaccine uptake and put forth legal and public policy reform strategies to address barriers to uptake.

Dante Gatmaytan, PhD. candidateDan teaches Constitutional Law, Legal Method, and Local Government Law among other subjects at the University of the Philippines, College of Law. His primary research interests are now concentrated on constitutional amendments, the interaction of law and politics, and comparative constitutionalism. Before he entered the academe in 1998, Professor Gatmaytan practiced law through public interest law offices involved in environment and natural resources law, indigenous peoples’ rights, agrarian reform, and local governance. He graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree from the Ateneo de Manila (B.S. Legal Management) and he holds Masters Degrees from Vermont Law School (cum laude) and the University of California, Los Angeles. He is working towards a Ph.D in Law and Public Policy at Northeastern University in Boston.Publications:
• Averting Diversity: A Review of Nominations and Appointments to the Philippine Supreme Court (1988-2008), Asian Journal of Comparative Law, Vol. 6: Iss. 1, Article 3 (with Cielo Magno).
• Crafting Policies for the Guantánamo Bay Detainees: An Interbranch Perspective, The DePaul Rule of Law Journal (Fall 2010), pp. 1-18
• Judicial Restraint and the Enforcement of Environmental Rights in the Philippines, Oregon Review of International Law, vol. 12, no. 1 (Spring 2010), pp. 1-30
• Can Constitutionalism Constrain Constitutional Change?, Northwestern Interdisciplinary Law Review, vol. 3, no. 1 (Winter/Spring, 2010), pp. 22-38
• Changing Constitutions: Judicial Review and Redemption in the Philippines, UCLA Pacific Basin Law Journal, vol. 25, no. 1 (2007), pp. 1-24
• Artificial Judicial Environmental Activism: Oposa v. Factoran as Aberration, Indiana International & Comparative Law Review, vol. 17, no. 1 (2007), pp. 1-28
• It’s All the Rage: Popular Uprisings and Philippine Democracy, Pacific Rim Law & Policy Journal, vol. 15, no. 1 (2006), pp. 1-37
• The Illusion of Intergenerational Equity: Oposa v. Factoran as Pyrrhic Victory, Georgetown International Environmental Law Review, vol. 15, no. 3, (2003), pp. 457-485
• Death and the Maid: Work, Violence, and the Filipina in the International Labor Market, Harvard Women’s Law Journal, vol. 20 (Spring 1997), pp. 229-262

Anne-Marie Hakstian, PhD. candidate

Anne-Marie Hakstian is an Associate Professor at the Bertolon School of Business at Salem State College in Salem, Massachusetts where she teaches courses in business law. She holds a J.D. from the George Washington University Law School. Anne-Marie’s research interests focus on race and gender discrimination. Both independently and in collaboration with co-authors, Anne-Marie has published articles in the Virginia Journal of Social Policy and the Law (2006), the Journal of Public Policy and Marketing (2005), the Law Enforcement Executive Forum (2005), the University of Michigan Journal of Race and Law (2003), and the Boston College Third World Law Journal (2003). Her research was included in the NAACP’s “friend of the court” (amicus curiae) brief filed with the United States Supreme Court in support of the petitioners in Arguello v. Conoco (September 2003). She has presented findings of her research in venues across the country and internationally. Prior to joining academia, Anne-Marie worked as a consultant to federal government agencies on all aspects of Equal Employment Opportunity law and policy. In addition to investigating claims of discrimination and writing Final Agency Decisions, she designed, developed, and conducted customized training sessions for public and private client organizations.

Elizabeth Hayden, PhD. candidateElizabeth has a BA in English and Psychology from the College of the Holy Cross. She has a MA in Community Psychology with a concentration in Program Evaluation and Development from the University of New Haven. In addition, she has done graduate work at Harvard University in Irish Studies. Elizabeth teaches Research Methods at Bridgewater State College. She is a also a consultant and program evaluator for non-profit organizations. Her most recent evaluation project involves the Northeastern University Center for the Study of Sport in Society, in particular the “Project Teamwork” program which is a conflict-resolution program offered to middle school and high school students. Her research interests include welfare law and policy, developing evaluation theory, post-structural practices and theory, Bayesian methodology, and international as well as cross-cultural evaluation.

Erin HofferErin is Industry Programs Manager with Autodesk Inc, where she fosters awareness in the trends in design and practice. Previously, she was Executive Vice-President for the Boston Architectural College, overseeing programs for students pursuing professional design degrees. She is a LEED Accredited Professional and member of the AIA. Erin received a Master in Architecture from UCLA, an MBA from the MIT Sloan School of Management, and is a registered architect in California. Her specialization/interest areas is Technology Policy and Sustainability Policy for Design and Construction.

Monika KonduraMonika has just started her first year of Ph.D. studies in the Law and Public Policy Program. She recently received her M.A. degree in Sustainable International Development at Brandeis University. Monika holds a second M.A. degree in Democracy and Human Rights from Bologna University in Italy. She has a B.A in Law from the University of Tirana, Albania where she also practiced law.Monika was an attorney-at-law at the Centre of Integrated Legal Services and Practices in Tirana where she provided legal help to children in conflict with law and minors at risk of trafficking. She was also the legal representative of asylum-seekers demanding refugee status in Albania.

For a year, prior to coming to the US, Monika was a lecturer at “F.S. Noli” University and Kristal University in Albania. She taught public and business law and published several papers in the universities’ monthly bulletins. At Brandeis, she did extended research on market-based approaches to development and her M.A. thesis focused on the work on Harita Project, a climate adaptation project and community development project implemented by Oxfam America and Swiss Re in Ethiopia. The one year research work at Oxfam America informed her thesis.

The work experience at Ceres in Boston harnessed her knowledge on environmental protection, sustainability and responsible investing. Attending Boston’s Sustainability Group meetings, SRI Base Camps and the Ceres Conferences, renewable energy, water management, environmental law, and climate change mitigation and adaptation become the areas that shaped her further studies’ aspiration. The Law and Public Policy at Northeastern with the focus on sustainability and climate change was the best match to her passion of connecting law with social policy in the context of global warming. Framing feasible urban planning methods and strategies, GHGs emission reduction’s incentives and advancing renewable energy potentials for cities where most leverage exists are ambitious targets for sustainability planners and she is eager to provide her contribution to the field.

Sonya Larrieux, PhD. candidateSonya is director of the post baccalaureate Doctor of Physical Therapy programs at Northeastern University. As faculty member in NU’s PT department she teaches courses addressing the foundations of Physical Therapy, human development, neurological management and PT professional seminars. Sonya attained her undergraduate degree in Physical Therapy and Psychology from Hunter College and master’s degree in Applied Physiology from Columbia University. She has practiced in various areas of physical therapy but pediatric rehabilitation - specifically the developmentally and neurologically impaired child - is the focus of her clinical practice. She consults with a Boston early intervention program. Sonya’s focal points of interest lie in disparities in health and health care and the delivery of culturally competent health care. A significant amount of the service component of her work has an emphasis on workforce development among secondary school students via enrichment an acculturation to potential medical and health professions as a means to address these compelling issues in healthcare. Through programs and initiatives with the Boston Public School’s Health Careers Academy, she coordinates a Meet the Healthcare Professional speaker series, an NU/HCa Shadowing Day and will be initiating a mentor program between Bouve College and HCa students in Fall 2007. Sonya hopes to pursue this area of interest for research in the LPP program.

Cielo Magno, PhD. candidateCielo attended the LPP program as a Fulbright scholar.  She is a PhD candidate with a Master’s degree in Economics from the University of the Philippines.  Prior to joining the program Cielo worked with different non-government organizations, and government institutions.  She also worked on anti-corruption initiatives and tax administration reform with the Department of Finance.  While working on her dissertation, she works as a consultant for international donor agencies on issues of community development, peace building and conflict; social accountability and public finance.  She also works as a policy consultant at the Technical Education Skills and Development Agency (TESDA) of the Philippines.  She continues to do research on policies regulating the pharmaceutical industry and public’s access to medication and health services. She is also a full time mom to her two kids, three dogs and a cat. Her current research and publications include: Gladys Sta. Maria, Cielo Magno, Leilani Galvez and Jessica Cantos (2011).  Sourcebook on Local Public Finance. UNDP-Social Watch Philippines.Dante Gatmaytan & Cielo Magno (2011). Averting Diversity: A Review of Nominations and Appointments to the Philippine Supreme Court (1988-2008), Asian Journal of Comparative LawCielo Magno (2011).  Six country comparative study on policies regulating the Pharmaceutical Industry.  Quezon City; United Laboratories Incorporated.Cielo Magno (2010). Comparative Case Study on Social Accountability Initiatives: Inception, Evolution and Sustainability. Alternative Network for Social Accountability (ANSA) Global. Dhaka, Bangladesh: Brac University.Hortensia Amaro; Cielo Magno-Gatmaytan; Michael Meléndez; Dharma E. Cortés; Sandra Arevalo; Arthur Margolin (2010). Addiction treatment intervention: an uncontrolled prospective pilot study of Spiritual Self-Schema therapy with Latina women, Substance Abuse, 1547-0164, 31(2):117 – 125.

Raimundo J. Matos, PhD. candidateRaimundo has eleven years of experience as an environmental consultant conducting cost-effective regulatory closures at industrial/commercial properties across the New England area, New York, Puerto Rico and Latin America. Raimundo also serves as environmental regulatory and policy advisor for both US-based and international corporations throughout Latin America; including advising on jurisdiction-specific environmental policy issues and risks and representing clients in negotiations and hearings before the local environmental authorities. He is a licensed attorney in Puerto Rico and in the District of Columbia. His current research interest focuses on the policy implications of privatizing or outsourcing traditional government decision-making functions to private professionals; with a focus on the privatization of the cleanup of properties contaminated with hazardous materials.

  • Bachelor of Science, Geology, University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez
  • Master of Science, Geology, Carbonate Petrology, University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez
  • Juris Doctor/Master of Studies in Environmental Law, Catholic University of PR/ Vermont Law School

Janet Rico, PhD. candidateJanet is a Nurse Practitioner at Boston Medical Center, Boston, Mass. in the Emergency Department. Janet earned her Masters in Business Administration-Health Care Specialization (MS) at Boston University and a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Nursing at St. Anselm College.

Sarah Rustan, PhD. candidateSarah is a PhD candidate in Law and Public Policy at Northeastern University, with previous degrees in architecture (BA) and cultural management (MA).  Her professional background includes broad experience in the nonprofit sector including research, development, and management, and her dissertation explores the role that nonprofit arts organizations play in community development and social organization.  She currently serves as a Research Associate and Data Analyst for the Mauricio Gastón Institute for Latino Community Development and Public Policy.  Sarah’s particular research interests include community development, the arts, the built environment and health, and methods such as spatial analysis and multilevel and longitudinal modeling.

Christine Shaw, PhD. candidate

Christine is the Executive Director of the Northeast Regional Readiness Center working with a consortium of postsecondary, district and community agencies around education initiatives. The program is part of the Executive office of Education, educator outreach efforts. In addition, She  is a national fellow for the Association of Career and Technical Education working to further policy efforts for Career and Technical Education at both state and national levels.

How did you come to choose LPS/LPP?
I selected the LPP program specifically for the expertise of the faculty and research projects faculty at NEU are involved in. I had spent over a decade working in education and workforce development and was looking for a PhD program that would allow me to integrate both education policy and workforce development. The LPP faculty have a number of relevant and current initiatives in both education policy and workforce development providing a perfect platform for my research and interests.

What experiences and/or projects were highlights during your study?
My research involves looking at a traditionally non-college bound population, Career and Technical Education graduates, and exploring the college going practices of graduates over a 10 year period of time. I had the opportunity to assist with the development of a comprehensive high school to college database by the Center for Labor Market Studies which is the basis of my research.

How and/or why did you choose your dissertation topic?
I am fundamentally interested in education policy targeting workforce development. If we step back for a moment, all education policy is ultimately targeting successful entrance into a career. However, we have a breakdown between the secondary educational experience, postsecondary opportunities and ultimate workforce needs. If we are to truly create a k-16 educational system, we must acknowledge where the breakdowns are and bridge gaps in both education opportunity and career/labor market information.

David Wesley, PhD. candidateDavid is the Research Program Manager for the College of Business Administration’s case research program. He joined Northeastern University’s College of Business in 1999 from the Richard Ivey School of Business where he was Latin America Program Director. His case studies have appeared in 20 management textbooks. He has helped several US and European universities develop their business research capabilities and he has provided advice on the creation of two successful Executive MBA programs. He is a founding member of the Institute for Global Innovation Management and is one of four faculty and staff members at the Northeastern University to be awarded the first National Science Foundation grant in the College of Business Administration’s history. He has written a book with Prof. Gloria Barczak titled Marketing and Innovation in the Video Game Industry: Avoiding the Performance Trap.

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