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Research Centers

In addition to their academic departments, LPP faculty conduct research at several research centers. The centers provide opportunities for faculty and students to collaborate on research in several areas. Students are encouraged to discuss their research interests and projects with faculty affiliated with these centers.

Center for Community Health Education, Research and Service
The Center for Community Health Education Research and Service (CCHERS) is taking the lead in the effort to increase access to and improve the quality of health care for Boston’s multi-cultural and multi-lingual communities.

Center for Criminal Justice Policy Research
The mission of the Center for Criminal Justice Policy Research is to conduct research to assist government agencies, educational institutions and the private sector with the development, enhancement and implementation of contemporary criminal justice policies and issues. Recent projects have included studies of civil rights, gun control, and community policing.

Center for Labor Market Studies
The Center for Labor Market Studies at Northeastern University examines a wide variety of employment, training, welfare, and human resource issues, acting as an important regional and national resource for information about educational practices, employment, workers’ wages, and the economic and social conditions of American families.

Kitty and Michael Dukakis Center for Urban and Regional Policy
The Dukakis Center for Urban and Regional Policy is a “think and do tank” – a place where faculty, staff, and students pool their expertise, resources, and commitment to address a wide range of issues facing cities, towns, and suburbs with particular emphasis on the Greater Boston region. Dukakis Center faculty and staff are involved in a wide array of projects aimed at helping policymakers and citizens better understand the dimensions of urban issues. Projects currently under way address housing, workforce development, community economic development, education, information access, and more.

Institute on Race and Justice
This interdisciplinary Institute engages in research that assists government agencies, educational institutions, and members of the community in the development of policy changes to advance the cause of social justice. The Institute’s primary focus is on the structural causes of racial injustice, particularly in criminal justice and education.

The Public Health Advocacy Institute
The Public Health Advocacy Institute is an interdisciplinary project created with three goals:

  1. To promote the law in common cause with public health.
  2. To provide research and education pertaining to public health, public health law, and the public health implications of legal decisions.
  3. To advocate for public awareness and understanding of the impact of legal decisions upon public health and the importance of public health to law.

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