Comprehensive Exams

The LPP Comprehensive Exam
Students are expected to take the LPP comprehensive examination in the semester following the completion of all course work. The exam is administered two times per year-at the end of spring semester and the beginning of fall semester. The exam has three sections-law, policy, and methodology. It is a take-home exam. Students are given all three questions and have four days to return the completed exam. The rule of thumb is to spend one day on each question and one day on editing, fact checking, etc. Students must pass all three sections. The exam is graded pass/fail by a committee of LPP faculty. Students who do not pass one or all sections may have an opportunity, contingent on the approval of the comprehensive exam committee, to retake those questions the next time the exam is offered. Only one retake is permitted.

Reading lists are available for the policy and methodology sections below. We also recommend that students meet with Professor Daynard to discuss expectations for the law question, Professors Campbell and Fitzgerald for policy, and Professor Fox for methodology.

Students often form study groups to prepare for the exam. We highly recommend joining a study group. Past versions of the exam are available electronically by contacting Kathie Simmons

LPP Comprehensive Exam Methods Outline

LPP Comprehensive Exam Reading List For Methods

Policy Reading List

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