If you are an alumnus/a but do not see yourself listed, then please email Kathie Simmons at along with your job title and brief description of what you do.


Fabio De Sa E Silva (Ph.D.) recently started a new position as a Research and Planning Specialist at the Institute of Applied Economic Research — Ipea, in Brazil

João L. Carapinha (Ph.D.) recently started a new position as Senior Technical Advisor in their Center for Pharmaceutical Management at the Management Sciences for Health in Arlington, Virginia.


Bridges, Erin (M.S.) — is an analyst in the Research, Assessment & Evaluation Office for Boston Public Schools. In her role, she analyzes student assessment data (MCAS, SAT, Dibels, Formative Assessments, etc.) and works with school leaders and teachers to look at their data, see how their students are performing in specific subject areas and MA standards, and help them plan out ways they can improve their students’ achievement levels.

Imad Abukishk (Ph.D.) was promoted to Executive Vice President of Al-Quds University. He recently started a political science department with a public policy track at Al-Quds.

Maria Gracia Andía (Ph.D.) is a professor of law at the Universidad de San Andrés in Argentina. She is an associate researcher at the Center for the Implementation of Public Policies Promoting Equity and Growth (CIPPEC) and a member of the Institute of Social Sciences Methodology at the National Academy of Moral and Political Sciences in Argentina.


Brooks, Brandy (M.S.) — is Director, Community Programs, The Food Project.

Kettner, Kim (M.S.) — is Director or Human Resources, Commonwealth Care Alliance.

Spector, Bruce (M.S.) — is an Associate at Sanford, Amerling & Associates.

Spillere, Roggiero (M.S.) — is the Investment Globalization Manager at Wellington Management Company.


Denenberg Dehner, Corey (Ph.D.) — is Co-Director of the Worcester Community Project Center at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. The Worcester Community Project Center works with its many community partners on issues of social, environmental and economic significance to the city of Worcester, its residents and surrounding towns. Corey is also a faculty member in the Interdisciplinary and Global Studies Division.

Chaganti, Sara (M.S.) — is enrolled in the Ph.D. Program at Brandeis University.

Estrella-Luna, Neenah (Ph.D.) — is on the faculty of the Law & Public Policy Program and Doctorate in Law & Policy Program at Northeastern University.

Hill-Jarrah, Ashley (M.S.)– is enrolled in the Suffolk University Law School.

Palmer, Binah (M.S.)– is the Online Advocacy Manager at Fuse Washington.


Coyne, Peter (Ph.D.)– is President of Connemara Development, a real estate development company.

Marlow, Ronald (M.S.) — is the Assistant Secretary for Access and Opportunity in the Executive Office for Administration and Finance for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Gildae, Catherine Anne (Ph.D.) — is a Visiting Assistant Professor of Sociology at Wheaton College.

Langlie, Mary (Ph.D.) –  is currently Vice President for Student Affairs at the State University of New York – The College at Old Westbury.

Mastrorilli, Mary Ellen (Ph.D.) — is an Assistant Professor and Associate Chair for the Department of Applied Social Sciences at Boston University Metropolitan College.


Leach, Todd (Ph.D.) –  is President of Granite State College and Commissioner for the State of New Hampshire Postsecondary Education Commission.

Solomon, Samuel (Ph.D.) –  is Director of Finance & Treasurer for Northeastern University.

Williams, Francis (Ph.D.) –  is an associate professor at Plymouth State University.

Holmes, Robert (Ph.D.) –  is a Program Manager at the Executive Office of Health and Human Services and teaching health policy as an adjunct lecturer at UMASS Lowell in the School of Health and Environment.

Whelpley, David (Ph.D.) –  is Laboratory Manager in the Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering at Northeastern.

Zemba, Dennis (M.S.) –  is the Team Coordinator for the Bristol County Children’s Advocacy Center.

Carpenter, Heather (M.S.) — is the Administrative Assistant to the CEO , Crittenton Women’s Union.

Meiser, Michelle (M.S.) — has been working for five years as an Intellectual Property Officer at the National Institute of Industrial Property, INPI, (the Brazilian patent and trademark office) in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Aboo Talib Khalid, Kartini (Ph.D.) — is working as a part-time instructor in the School of Professional and Continuing Studies at Northeastern University.

Ippolito,Rosann (Ph.D.) — is the Program Director and Clinical Professor of the Physician Assistant Program at Northeastern University.

Aboo Talib Khalid, Kartini (Ph.D.)– is a part-time lecturer at Endicott College.

Balboni, Jennifer (Ph.D.) –  is currently an Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice and Sociology at Curry College, Milton, MA.


Becker Wendy (Ph.D.) — is a Faculty member at BSW. Current interests are Welfare Reform, Social and Economic Justice, Women’s Issues, Sexuality and Gender Identity.

Gardinier, Lori (Ph.D.) –  is program director and lecturer for the Human Services Program at Northeastern University.

Golub, Dawn (Ph.D.) –  is an Advisor to the NEHSA Board.

Griffith, Roberta (Ph.D.) –  is the author of the Guide to Boston’s Children and Families Database.

Hall, Kimberly –  is the Director Instructional Technology Group.

O’Brien, Carolyn –  is nurse practitioner working in private practice for herself.

Howard, Phillip Timothy –  is a former Assistant Attorney General of Florida and nominee for United States Attorney for the Northern District of Florida. Howard also has a private law practice, Howard & Associates.

Vautour, Karen (Ph.D.) –  is the PBRA Program Director at Health and Education Services Inc.

Ventura, Susan Hallenborg (Ph.D.) — is Director of Clinical Education, Physical Therapy Department, Northeastern University.

Wasonga, Cynthia (M.S.) –  is working for Tobacco Control in Nairobi, Kenya.


Antonio, Michael (Ph.D.) –  is working as Research & Evaluation Manager in the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections, Office of Planning, Research, Statistics, and Grants.

Boardman, Judith (Ph.D.) –  is the Vice President for Quality Management at Team Tri-Town.

Lamar, Demetrieus (Ph.D.) –  is a Professor at in the Behavioral and Political Sciences Department at Bentley College.

Lester, Toni (Ph.D.) –  is a Professor of Law at Babson College.

Men, Nimmith (M.S.) — is Project Management Assistant USAID-Cambodia. India. Mr. AS Dasgupta; Project Management Specialist USAID-India.

Rumminger, Jana (JD/MS) –  works as a law reform officer at WAO, a Malaysian nongovernmental organization that was founded in 1982 as a domestic violence shelter for women and children and has since expanded to address all issues affecting women’s rights in Malaysia. Jana researches, analyzes, and proposes recommendations for reform of Malaysian legislation and policies involving domestic violence, rape, marriage and divorce, and migrant domestic workers.

Tran, Anh Le (Ph.D.) –  is an assistant professor of economics and management at Lasell College in Newton.

Weiss, Jillian Todd (Ph.D.) — is Full Professor of Law and Society at Ramapo College of New Jersey, School of Social Science and Human Services.

Yurianto, Yurianto (M.S.) –  is at Teknik Sipil.


Cotton, Harvey (Ph.D.) –  recently joined Ropes & Gray as a lawyer and Principal in the Benefits Consulting Group.

Giglio, Joseph (Ph.D.) — is the Executive Professor at the College of Business Administration, Northeastern University.

Gildea, Timothy (Ph.D.) — is Administrator, Holidayburg Area School District, Pennsylvania.

Grometstein, Randall (Ph.D.) –  is an Associate Professor in the Behavioral Sciences Department at Fitchburg State College.

Lambert, David (Ph.D.) –  is a professor of Astronomy at Isabel McCutcheon Harte Centennial Chair.

Merseburgh-Martin, Sybil Anae (Ph.D.) –  is the Manager of the Office of Recording and Transcription Service of the Massachusetts State Court system.

Mesidor, Marie (M.S.) –  is currently employed by the Organization of American States as a program manager concentrating in drug enforcement policy.

Mitchell, Ilene (M.S.) — works for the Community Outreach Program of the Suffolk County .

Penninah, Ogada (Ph.D.)–  is a professor at Gender University Institute.

Soule, David (Ph.D.) –  was the Associate Director of the Dukakis Center for Urban and Regional Policy at Northeastern University. He passed away in 2007.

Trainor, Maureen (Ph.D.) –  is at the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority.


Bellavance, Diane (Ph.D.) –  is a lecturer at Quincy College.

Haynes, Wendy (Ph.D.) –  is Associate Professor and Master of Public Administration Program Coordinator for the Political Science Department at Bridgewater State College.

MacKenzie, Susan (Ph.D.) –  is Associate Medical Center Director/Chief Operating Officer at the VA Boston Healthcare System.

Talty, Francis (Ph.D.) –  practices law at UMass, Lowell and recently co-authored Massachusetts Practice, published by West.

Wortman, Mary Alice (Ph.D.) –  is a principal of WCAssoc, a financial consulting group.


Block, Heidi (Ph.D.) –  is an Assistant Professor at Metropolitan State University [MN].

Cleary, Paul (Ph.D.) –  is employed as an economic analyst by the U.S. Department of Labor.

Farrell, Amy (Ph.D.) –  is an Assistant Professor at the College of Criminal Justice at Northeastern University.

Govern, Frank (Ph.D.) –  is co-founder for the TELESYNERGY Environment by KM Kempner.

Krumholz, Susan (Ph.D.) –  is Assistant Professor and Director of Crime and Justice Studies at U. Mass Dartmouth.

Romanska/Barry, Nicola (M.S.) –  is employed at BBN Technologies.

Thomas, Dawna (Ph.D.) — is an Associate Professor in the Africana Studies and Chair of the Women’s and Gender Studies Departments at Simmons College.  Dr. Thomas received a Ph.D. from the Law, Policy and Society Program at Northeastern University where her doctoral dissertation examined the intersection of disability and race through the lens of the Cape Verdean community in New England. She teaches a range of courses that focus on race, gender, health, and family violence.  Dr. Thomas’ research interests include the intersection of gender, race, ethnicity, and class.  She has an expertise in the field of healthcare policy, disability policy, community-based research, and grassroots coalition building.  Her latest study The Cape Verdean Women’s Project includes four generations of women from 18-80 years of age where she explores their experiences with family life, marriage, domestic violence, healthcare and disability, and concepts of the womanhood.  She has authored several publications in reference to: cultural competency in healthcare, education, disability policy, and psychology.

Ubaldi, Barbara-Chiara (M.S.) — is working as a project director for the UNDP overseeing UN sponsored projects in the Balkans; she has worked for the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development and had UNDP internship and contract with EU.

Watt, Hope (Ph.D.) –  was recently employed by the Mass. Department of Public Health to supervise research on organization of community health care for the elderly.

West, Doe (Ph.D.) –  is a part time professor at Boston University (Psychology) and with the University of Phoenix (Sociology). He is also currently doing research on the family impact layers from the abuse by priests and other clergy that will create a text book for training professionals but also have a set of resource booklets geared to spouses, parents, siblings and children of those dealing with these complex PTSD and trust issues. He keeps a very small private practice as a counselor in this field.


Mhlaba, Sondlo (Ph.D.) –  is currently and Associate Professor of Applied Mathematics and Science at Wentworth Institute of Technology; he is also founder (2001) of The New Franchise Institute, a nonprofit, tax-exempt agency that promotes government accountability worldwide.

Santos, Susan (Ph.D.) –  is Assistant Professor in Health Education and Behavioral Sciences, School of Public Health at the University Medical and Dental School of New Jersey, Director of Risk Communication for the Center for the Study of War Related Illnesses and President, Focus Group, Inc.

Sullivan, John (Ph.D.) –  is currently an Assistant Professor at Boston University and teaches finance and health care management.


Indrajaya (M.S.) –  is a journalist for an independent newspaper in Indonesia.

Majamba, Hamudi –  is Associate Dean – Academics – Faculty of Law, University of Dar es Salaam and member of Editorial Board, East African Law Review.

Mbunda, Luitfried (Ph.D.) –  is the Assistant Professor of Law at the University of Dar es Salaam.

Murbiantoro, Ali Oxsy (M.S.) –  is employed in BAPPENAS, the Indonesian planning organization.

Sadiqa, Sarah (M.S.) –  holds a position in the administration of justice in Indonesia.

Zulkarnaen, Ichsan (M.S.) –  is a sub-cabinet official of the Republic of Indonesia responsible for regionalizing economic development.


Antonakes, Steven (Ph.D.) –  is Head of Bank Supervision, U.S. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. He was formerly the Massachusetts Commissioner of Banks.

Balboni, Barbara (Ph.D.) –  is an Adjunct Professor at Bridgewater State University.

Cannon, Jananne (Ph.D.) –  is currently a self-employed small business consultant She deals primarily with people who are concerned with growth for their small business. She also gives assistance to personal startup businesses.

Engel, Margorie (Ph.D.) –  had been Stepfamily Association of America President for the last 10 years. SAA is a national none profit organization who has donated its information, education, support, and advocacy programs to Auburn University’s National Stepfamily Resource Center. Dr. Engel continues to serve stepfamilies as a founding member of Auburn University’s Stepfamily Expert Council. Her many stepfamily books, articles, research, and conference presentations have been donated to Auburn University to seed their stepfamily graduate program lending library. Dr. Engel’s most recent research finding, the legal status of stepfamilies worldwide, was presented at the International Society of Family Law’s 12th World Conference. Her manuscript was published in ISFL’s book that will be available from Wm. S. Hein & Co. in August, 2007.

Garcia-Fierro, Luis (Ph.D.) –  is Director of Research at the Boston Police Department.

Garre, Patricia Pierce (Ph.D.) –  is the Executive Director of Marina Place, a company dedicated to independent and assisted living in Quincy, MA.

Gelpke, Richard (Ph.D.) –  is currently an Associate Professor for the Department of Earth and Geographic Sciences, Science Division, College of Arts and Sciences, University of Massachusetts at Boston. He has served as a Board Member and Vice-President of the Massachusetts Watershed Coalition. Currently he is also a member of the Town of Hudson (Mass) Planning Board. Retired.

Hansen, Norman (Ph.D.) –  is Chair of the Department of Business Administration at Bradford College.

Ireland, Roderick (Ph.D.) –  is chief justice of the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court.

MacDonald, Diane (Ph.D.) –  is an Attorney for the British Columbia Teacher’s Federation in Canada.

McNabb, Joseph (Ph.D.) –  is on the faculty of Northeastern University’s School of Education. He was previously the president of Laboure College.

Oppenheim, Dorothy (Ph.D.) –  is currently the Acting Dean, School of Management and Aviation Science at Bridgewater State College.

Otto, Catherine (Ph.D.) –  is Associate Professor and Clinical Coordinator in the Clinical Laboratory Science Program at the Oregon Health and Science University-Oregon Institute of Technology in Portland, Oregon.

Pattavina, April (Ph.D.) –  is an Associate Professor and Graduate Program Coordinator for the Department of Criminal Justice & Criminology at UMASS Lowell.

Smirl, Todd (Ph.D.) –  is a consultant in evaluating implementation of criminal and civil policies

Warden, Francena (Ph.D.) –  provides information security consulting services to non-profits, particularly health care providers.


Carlson, David (Ph.D.) –  is Associate Professor of Criminal Justice Department of Justice Studies at Lasell College.

McAllister, Margaret (Ph.D.) –  is an Associate Professor of Nursing at UMASS Boston.

Pisano, Douglas (Ph.D.) –  is currently Dean and Professor of Pharmacy Administration, at Mass College of Pharmacy and Allied Health Sciences.

Somers, Gary (Ph.D.) –  is a software consultant for PeopleSoft in Pleasanton, CA.

Weber, Karen (Ph.D.) –  consults on littoral fisheries policy and is the mother of young triplets.


Rukuba-Ngaiza, Nightingale (Ph.D.) –  is currently Senior Counsel, World Bank Legal Department in Nairobi, Kenya and in charge of the following countries Kenya, Eritrea, Somalia and Seychelles.


Kapinga, Wilbert (Ph.D.) –  is currently a Senior Lecturer in Law at the University of Dar es Salaam.

Luther, Betty (Ph.D.) –  currently teaches Criminology, Prisons and Society, and Introduction to Criminal Justice Systems at Curry College. At Salem State College, she teaches Habilitation/Rehabilitation of the Ex-Offender. Dr. Luther has also worked for the Massachusetts Parole Board as a Parole Officer and with the Department of Corrections as a Classification Caseworker.

Mollo, Arlene (Ph.D.) –  is an Associate Professor in Art Education at UMASS Dartmouth.

Nesbary, Dale –  is currently President of Muskegon Community College in Muskegon, MI.

Osborne, Richard (Ph.D.) –  is a Part-time instructor in Sociology/Anthropology at Middle Tennessee State University.

Seeley, Mary Frances (Ph.D.) –  is the President of Crisis Line International; She is also an adjunct faculty member in the School of Social Work at Lewis University, Romeoville, IL.

Widianto, Bambang (Ph.D.) –  is Bureau Director for Manpower Policy for the Republic of Indonesia, Adjunct Professor at ? University, Jakarta, Indonesia.

Zhang, Nong-ji (Ph.D.) –  is curator of the Asian – Pacific language collections of the Harvard University Libraries, has faculty rank.


Cochran, Maureen (Ph.D.) –  is currently an adjunct faculty member of Suffolk University: School of Public Management, where she teaches Health Economics and Legal Basis of Public Management. She is also a part-time lecturer for the University of Massachusetts in Boston, teaching courses within the Graduate Critical Care Nursing Program.

Jenkins, Morris (Ph.D.) – Dean of the College of Health and Human Services at Southeast Missouri State University, Cape Girardeau, MO

Klein, Andrew (Ph.D.) –  is a consultant for BioTech Analysis Corporation in Braintree, MA.

Mtambo, Michael (Ph.D.) –  is a Lecturer in Commercial Law, Polytechnic University of Malawi.

Sullivan, Anne (Ph.D.) –  is currently a Professor and Chair of Criminal Justice at Salem State College.

Testa, Martha (Ph.D.) –  is currently a speech-language pathologist in Whitman-Hanson Regional School District with a special interest in literacy and technology.


Barnet, Judith (Ph.D.) –  is currently a consultant in affordable housing. Recently she has worked in establishing a countywide non-profit corporation. The Housing Land Trust for Cape Cod works for more affordable housing.

Gilbert, Arthur Lee (Ph.D.) –  is currently a Professorial Fellow in the Nanyang Business School, Singapore. His research and teaching focuses mainly on technology-enabled business opportunities.

Kovacich, Joann (Ph.D.) –  is currently the Project Director for Interdisciplinary Training for Health Care for Rural Areas Project, University of Maine, 162 College Avenue, Orono, Maine.

McCarthy, Robert (Ph.D.) –  is Dean, School of Pharmacy and Head and Clinical Professor, School of Pharmacy, University of Connecticut, Storrs

Mello, Jeffrey (Ph.D.) –  is Professor of Management and Chairperson, Department of Management, Towson University; previously Department Chair and Associate Professor of Management, School of Management, Golden Gate University.


Chowdhury, Mahfuzul (Ph.D.) — is a professor of political science and director of the Social Science Research Institute at the University of Chittagong in Bangladesh. He will begin his term as a Fulbright Visiting Scholar in October, joining the Department of Political Science at Duke University for the academic year. He will be working on a project a project “Democracy, Governance, and Civil Society in Bangladesh and South Asia: Lessons from the USA.” Dr. Chowdury was also a Fulbright Visiting Fellow in 1999-2000, at the Department of Political Science, Southern Illinois University-Carbondale.

Dupont-Morales, Maria Antonia (Ph.D.) –  is currently an Assistant Professor in the School of Public Affairs at Penn State Harrisburg. Her research interests include Sexual Offenders and Patterns of Victimization, Stalking, Corrections, Victimology, Recidivism, and Violence in Schools.

Ogozalek, Virginia (Ph.D.) –  is a Professor of Computer Science at Worcester State College in Worcester, Massachusetts.

Schneider, Paula (Ph.D.) –  was most recently Chair of the Department of Social Work at Regis College.

Staples, Leonard (Ph.D.) –  is currently a lawyer in a private practice.


Drainoni, Mari-Lynn (Ph.D.) –  is Associate Professor of Health Policy and Management at Boston University School of Public Health. She is also a Research Scientist at the Center for HealthQuality, Outcomes and Economic Research, which is a VA Center of Excellence.


Calicchia, John (Ph.D.) –  is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Education at Bridgewater State College. He is the Coordinator of the Counseling Department.

Goldstein, Arnold (Ph.D.) –  is Professor of Pharmacy at Nova University and author of many books on law and the health professions.

Panford, Kwamina (Ph.D.) –  is currently a professor in the African-American Studies Department at Northeastern University.

Wong, John (Ph.D.) –  is currently an Associate Professor at Wichita State University, Hugo Wall School of Urban and Public Affairs. Professor Wong is presently the principal author of the annual Governor’s Economic and Demographic Report, senior consulting economist for the official Kansas Consensus Revenue Estimating Group, a consulting economist for the Kansas Department of Revenue, and a consulting economist for the Kansas Department of Human Resources.


Cloutier, Charlotte (Ph.D.) –  is Consultant in Management, Marketing, and Strategic Planning. Independent contractor with small businesses, health care professionals, and health care institutions.

Connolly, Roisin (M.S.) –  is a Barrister in Dublin’s only private legal services agency. Chairperson of the Board of three youth detention facilities.


Chukwuezi, Henry (Ph.D.) –  is the President for Health Care Incorporated, Nigeria where he runs rural development projects.


Gbosi, Augustus (Ph.D.) –  was last reported to be member of the faculty of University of Port Harcourt, Nigeria


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