Undergraduate Research

Current Research Opportunities with Professor Randall:

The Plain English Jury Instruction Project
A set of experimental studies to test the comprehensibility of Massachusetts civil jury instructions and their rewritten “plain English” versions

The Grammar Gap
The teaching and non-teaching of grammar. Work on a forthcoming edited volume.

Current Research Opportunities with Dr. Littlefield:

Fine-Grained Analysis of Syntactic Categories
Investigates the nature of lexical, functional, semi-lexical, and idiomatic categories in a variety of domains (the prepositional domain, the verbal domain, the nominal domain, and the adjectival domain), Also explores how these domains and categories are structured cross-linguistically.

Testing the Models of Fine-Grained Syntactic Categories
Uses longitudinal first language acquisition patterns to examine the validity of the fine-grained approach to syntactic categories. Future research will extend this research to second language acquisition, experimental first language acquisition studies, and reaction-time studies.

Research Links

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