Linguistics Links




English Dialects

Information on World Languages (including audio samples)

Professional Development

Fun(ny) sites

  • Save the words: adopt a word!
  • Eggcorn: Collects English words that are misspelled because of a logical, albeit false etymology of the word structure or meaning.
  • Speculative Grammarian: satirical linguistics articles, including a “choose your career in linguistics” link that guides you to your future!

Freeware, Font Downloads, Databases (Unless otherwise noted, all are available for Mac, PC, and Linux platforms)

  • R-project: Powerful statistics software.
  • PRAAT: freeware that allows you to analyze sounds in terms of pitch, formants, intensity, spectograms, among other things.
  • Image J: Image Processing and Analysis in Java, from NIH.
  • Child Language Data Exchange System (CHILDES): You can access the CHILDES database (you’ll need to apply for access), download the free CLAN program, and the manuals that explain it all!
  • TalkBank: a source of databases of natural language and communication in fields such as aphasia, child language, bilingualism, conversation analysis, among others.
  • IPA Fonts:
    Download the DoulosSIL fonts for free. It works on all platforms.
  • Typing IPA
  • Affect 4.0: Designed to help design and conduct psychological experiments. (Windows only)
  • Agna: For studying social networks.
  • EyeMap: tool for analyzing eye movement from reading experiments.
  • FLXLab: software for running psychology experiments, including recording reaction times to stimuli.
  • PEBL: The Psychology Experiment Building Language: Allows you to design experiments or use ready-made experiments.

Other links

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