Shiti Malhotra

Lecturer in Linguistics
(617) 373-4553
549 Nightingale
PhD in Theoretical Linguistics, University of Maryland


Areas of Research/Interest:

Wh-questions, passivization, ditransitives, word-order and syntactic constraints. Minor research areas: Language typology, sentence processing, and language acquisition

Selected Publications:

  • Malhotra, Shiti. 2011. Movement and Intervention Effects: Evidence from Hindi/Urdu. Doctoral Dissertation. University of Maryland.
  • Malhotra, Shiti. 2009. “To the non-existence of NP-traces”. Language Vitality in South Asia. Eds. A.R.Faithi. 274-282.
  • Malhotra, Shiti  2009. Quantifer Induced Barriers and Wh-movement. Proceedings of the 32nd Annual Penn Linguistics Colloquium. 15, 139-145.
  • Nevins, Andrew, Brian Dillon, Shiti Malhotra and Colin Phillips. 2007. The Role of Feature-Number and Feature-Type in Processing Hindi Verb Agreement Violations. Brain Research.1164, 81-94.
  • Malhotra, Shiti. 2006. Revised Centering theory: A view from C-I interface. South Asian Language Review. 16, 53-63.


  • Linguistics Program
    545 Nightingale Hall
    Northeastern University
    360 Huntington Avenue
    Boston, MA 02115