Adam Cooper

Lecturer in Linguistics
(617) 373-3175
547 Nightingale Hall
MA, PhD in Linguistics, Cornell University


Areas of Research/Interest:

Historical linguistics, particularly from the perspective of modern phonological theory; synchronic morphophonology of ancient and reconstructed Indo-European languages; syllable theory; typology; phonetics.

Selected Publications:

  • Cooper, A. I. 2014. Reconciling Indo-European Syllabification. Leiden: Brill.
  • Cooper, A. I. 2013. The Typology of PIE Syllabic Sonorants. Indo-European Linguistics 1.1: 3-67.
  • Cooper, A. 2013. Challenging locality in constraint indexation: Epenthesis in the Vedic perfect. In S. Kan, C. Moore-Cantwell, and R. Staubs (eds.), NELS 40: Proceedings of the 40th Meeting of the North East Linguistic Society. Amherst, MA: GLSA, 119-132.
  • Cooper, A., and D. Zec. 2013. Syllables. In M. Aronoff (ed.), Oxford Bibliographies Online: Linguistics. New York: Oxford University Press. Available at:
  • Cooper, A. 2012. Syllable Nucleus and Margin in Greek, Vedic, and Proto-Indo-European. Doctoral Dissertation, Cornell University.
  • Cooper, A., and E. Georgala. 2012. Dative Loss and its Replacement in the History of Greek. In A. van Kemenade and N. de Haas (eds.), Historical Linguistics 2009: Selected Papers from the 19th International Conference on Historical Linguistics, Nijmegen, 10–14 August 2009. Amsterdam: Benjamins, 277-292.
  • Cooper, A. 2011. Stop Co-Occurrence in the PIE Root: A New Perspective. In S. Lima, K. Mullin, and B. Smith (eds.), NELS 39: Proceedings of the 39th Meeting of the North East Linguistic Society, Vol. 1. Amherst, MA: GLSA, 217-226.
  • Cooper, A. 2009. Similarity Avoidance in the Proto-Indo-European Root. In L. MacKenzie (ed.), University of Pennsylvania Working Papers in Linguistics 15:1, Article 8. Available at:


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