Co-ops in Linguistics

Place of employment: NU Global – Northeastern University (2nd coop)
Job title: NU Global Program Assistant
Approximate hourly wage: $15.00/hr.
Brief description of the job: Work with multiple international programs providing student services. Tasks include: event planning and execution, customer service (students and parents), office duties, general program assistant tasks.

Place of employment: Boston Bar Association (1st coop)
Job title: Lawyer Referral Service Intake Specialist
Approximate hourly wage: $10.00/hr.
Brief description of the job: Answer phone, email, and written requests for referrals to attorneys using knowledge of the fields of law to decide to whom or where to refer the client; help with general office duties such as filing, copying and faxing. Maintain contact with attorneys who are members to keep files, payments, etc. up to date; assist others in the membership department with various projects and tasks, including billings, payment processing, event set up and execution

Place of employment: Speech-Language and Hearing Center (1st coop)
Job title: Clinical Assistant
Approximate hourly wage: $12.00/hr.
Brief description of the job: I work with patients of both speech pathology and audiology to address their needs, and to see what help the clinic can provide to them. I also keep the patient files updated, organize the clinic schedule, troubleshoot problems over the phone, etc.

Place of employment: Wiley-Blackwell
Job title: Internal Marketing Intern
Approximate hourly wage: $10.00/hr.
Brief description of the job: I worked with a marketing group for higher education textbooks

Place of employment: Interdisciplinary Affective Science Laboratory (IASL) at Northeastern University
Job title: Research Assistant
Approximate hourly wage: Unpaid (20 hrs/week) 4 months
Brief description of the job: My main project is transcribing and coding data gathered from an affect (emotion) battery administered to patients at MGH with the behavioral variant of frontotemportal dementia (bvFTD). I incorporate the data into the final report summary; researchers at MGH then provide the results to the patients. My secondary project is an eye-tracker study that looks at context binding with different emotional faces. I develop picture stimuli for the eye-tracker and then manipulate the stimuli to design the experiment using eye-tracker software.

I am currently on my first co-op, so I still have another month left to go; this is what I have done so far. The IASL does do studies on the influence of language on emotion perception and categorization. Some of the tasks in the affect battery that I mention use the presence of emotion words as a variable.

Place of employment: Boston Life (ESL school)
Job title: ESL teacher/Cultural Advisor
Brief description of the job: I taught private English conversation classes to foreign students and professionals.
Approximate hourly wage: Stipend of $300/month

Place of employment: Heinle/ELT, of Cengage Learning (publishing company)
Job title: Editorial Intern
Approximate hourly wage: $10.50/hour
Brief description of the job: I assisted editors in the production and publication of English as a Second Language teaching materials.

Place of employment: NEU Auditory Prostheses and Communication Lab
Job title: Research Assistant
Approximate hourly wage: $14.51/hour
Brief description of the job: I run experiments in an audiology lab, analyze data, manage lab schedule.

I work at an Elementary School in Newton, MA (Memorial-Spaulding Elementary). I am a Ling-Psych dual planning on having a career in a school as a Speech-Language Pathologist. I thought working in a school would be good experience. My specific job position is titled “Teacher’s Aide” but I ended up working as a one on one Special Education aide on most days. As a description I would probably say that I am a classroom aide that gives extra one on one support to students in need. I get paid $10/hr and work 32 hours a week. Let me know if I can help you any further!

Place of employment: NUin Australia
Job title: International Student Advisor
Approximate hourly wage: Compensation included airfare, housing, a food stipend, incidentals, and spending stipend.
Brief description of the job: Acted as a resident assistant and teaching assistant, coordinated volunteering for a group of 28 pre-freshmen Northeastern Students at Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne, Australia.

Place of employment: Elderhostel, Inc.
Job title: Intern, Day of Discovery on Campus
Approximate hourly wage: No compensation
Brief description of the job: Help coordinate half day seminars for seniors. My direct boss and I would develop a syllabus, and find professors nationwide to teach the seminars.

Place of Employment: Transportation Children’s Center
Job Title: Float Teacher
Approximate hourly wage: $13
Brief Description: Aid the head teachers in taking care of preschool age children and developing circle time activities. Must also help with cleanup of the classroom and potty training the children.

Place of employment: Tech Target
Job title: Production Assistant
Approximate hourly wage: $12/hr
Brief description of the job: Write and edit entries for an online technical terms dictionary.

Place of employment: Northeastern Career Services Office
Job title: Administrative Assistant
Approximate hourly wage: $12/hr
Brief description of the job: Worked the front desk, answered phones, booked appointments, helped employers, answered student questions, other administrative duties

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