Help Support the Linguistics Program

Please consider donating to the Linguistics Program; every gift, regardless of size, is very much appreciated, and will help our faculty and students.

As you probably know, the Linguistics Program at Northeastern is very small!  We think that the size of our program is an asset, as it helps us provide individualized attention to each of our students, with small class sizes and personal connections between faculty and students.  However, having a small program also presents challenges, especially in terms of finances!  We often wish we had more discretionary funds to more fully support our students and faculty.

Contributions of any size help us to provide opportunities for our students that would otherwise not be available to them, including additional opportunities for students to gain experience within the field and helping the faculty provide the highest quality courses and research experiences for students.  Please consider contributing to the Program—every little bit helps!

And please note: Any contributions made directly to the Linguistics Program (either through the link on this page, or contributions made to Northeastern that specify “Linguistics Program”) are directed, in full, to the Program’s discretionary funds!  Donations given with no specific beneficiary go to the university as a whole.

By following this link, you can make a donation of any amount to Northeastern University’s Linguistics Program!

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