Students at Northeastern have two advisors, a Faculty Advisor in the major, and a general Academic Advisor in the Center for Student Academic Services. The Faculty Advisor is a member of the faculty in the major field of the advisee. This advisor can help with course selection, planning the timing of Co-op and Study Abroad experiences, setting up Experiential Education requirements, and discussing students’ future plans in the field. The Academic Advisor works in the Center for Student Academic Services, and works with the Faculty Advisor to be sure that students fulfill all of their Core requirements for their degree, and can help with general questions about degree requirements. For students who decide to go on Coop, there is a third advisor, who will help students go through the process of finding a placement.

Please feel free to contact us; we’re here to help!

Head Advisor for Linguistics, Combined Linguistics & English, Combined Linguistics & Psychology
Dr. Heather Littlefield
545 Nightingale
(617) 373-3164

Academic Advisor
Kate Farnham
206 Mugar
(617) 373.4475
Center for Student Academic Services

Co-op Advisor for Linguistics
Charlotte Lam
151 Nightingale
(617) 373-3456

Other places to look for help:

Center for Student Academic Services (CSAS) Tutoring Program: Offers free tutoring for courses at Northeastern. You may also apply to become a tutor and get paid to do linguistics; they are often looking for tutors for Intro to Linguistics!

Frequently used forms: The forms you’ll need to change your major or minor, petition for transfer credit, etc. and answers to frequently asked questions that students ask (including how to take the foreign language placement exam, how to do a Senior Clearance, how to take a course Pass/Fail, and many other useful topics!).

Frequently asked questions:  Answers to frequently asked questions about the Linguistics major and the combined Linguistics-English and Linguistics-Psychology majors.

  • Linguistics Program
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    Northeastern University
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