Safe Zone Training

Thank you for your interest in our Safe Zones training program! This four hour, in-depth conversation about LGBTQA issues will help prepare members of our student body, faculty, and staff to become advocats for the LGBTQA community.

The purpose of the Safe Zone training is to...

  • provide continuing education and dialogue around LGBTQ issues or situations that are currently facing our Northeastern community;
  • reduce homophobia and heterosexism on campus;
  • demonstrate Northeastern’s commitment to diversity; and
  • develop a campus wide support network.

By the completion of the Safe Zones program, we hope that participants will...

  • gain skills and increase comfort with being an active, engaged ally;
  • build knowledge of history and theory;
  • understand experiences of LGBTQA people on Northeastern’s campus; and
  • break down myths and stereotypes surrounding LGBTQA identities.

In short, we want to provide the skills you need to actively address issues of homophobia and heterosexism on campus, and to prepare you to be a resource for folks who are seeking information about coming out.

Safe Zone Training dates for the Spring 2013 semester will begin in March.  Look back for updates in February with more specific information about where, when, and how to sign up!