Online Resource Guide

Welcome to the LGBTQA Resource Center's Online Resouce Guide! This guide is designed to work in tandem with the trainings that the Center offers. However, the information here can also be used by individuals looking to expand their understanding of LGBTQA issues and finding new ways of supporting the queer community.

Here's what you'll find on this site:

  • LGBTQA 101 Guide: Includes a list of the terms and definitions specifically covered in the 101 workshop.
  • An LGBTQA Glossary: A robust list of terms and definitions relating to the LGBTQA community from UCLA's LGBT Center
  • Symbols and Flags: Common symbols and flags that are associated with the LGBTQA community and their meanings. (Coming Soon!)
  • LGBTQA Theory: An overview of theories related to LGBTQA student development. (Coming Soon!)
  • A History of the LGBTQA Movement: The complete timeline of events that we use for the Safe Zone training, and then some.
  • Training Links: Was there a video or statistic from a training that you wanted to find? Here, we list the statistcs and their sources, as well as links to the videos we use in training.

If you are looking for a list of links to resources available on Northeastern's campus, in the local Boston area or beyond, please check the Resources section of the site.  At that site, you can also find information for the trans* community.

Trying to find a list of our student organizations, information for faculty and staff, or alumni? Please visit our Community section.