Rainbow Graduation

Thank you to everyone who attending the 2013 Rainbow Graduation Ceremony!  All told, it was a huge success.  And yes, we're already starting our planning for next year.  If you're interested in being involved in pulling it together, contact us at lgbtqa@neu.edu, and we'll be happy to pull you into our Rainbow Graduation family.

Special thank you to Courtney Joly-Lowdermilk, Kira Novak, Steph Pierce, and Tim Touchette for their tireless work on the committee this year!


Honoring Our Graduates, Celebrating Our Community!
Sponsored by Student Affairs and the Student Activity Fee 

April 9, 2013, 5:30 PM
McLeod Suites, Curry Student Center
Dinner will be served


As the year comes to a close, we would like to take some time to honor several LGBTQ students, faculty, and staff and their allies who have positively impacted the campus and celebrate their achievements. Below are the award descriptions that will be presented to several community members.

Information about all our award winners can be found on the LGBTQAward Winners site, or by clicking on an individual below.

Distinguished Service Award: This award recognizes two individuals who make a significant and sustained contribution to the LGBTQA campus and broader communities. Whether it is the work that they do through an organization, in academics, or in a coop, these individuals have made great strides to improving the LGBTQA community of Northeastern and the Boston area.

Our 2013 Recipient is: Tesla Cariani

Previous Recipients: Cecilia Johnson (2012) and Anastasia Zankowsky (2012)

Ally Award: This award recognizes a member of the faculty, staff, or student body who provides support to the LGBTQA campus community by advocating, serving on committees, mentoring or providing ally development.

Our 2013 Recipient is: Christina Gaffney

Previous Recipient: Colleen Fritze (2012)

Catalyst Award: This award recognizes a Northeastern student of the LGBTQA campus community who provides impetus for change by promoting social justice both on campus and in the broader community. Through their advocating for student rights on campus or in the Boston Community, these student's actions many have re-examined the policies and ideals that affect the LGBTQA population everyday.

Our 2013 Recipient is: Drake Jones

Previous Recipient: Frank Marino (2012)

Rainbow Stoles

Every year, we distribute rainbow stoles to graduating students to honor them and their contributions to the Northeastern campus community.  Anyone, regarless of sexual orientation or gender identity, may request to receive a rainbow stole.  Further, recipients need not be a member of any particular organization on campus - they are available to anyone who wishes to request one.  We seek to honor our community as a whole, including any fabulous allies who wish to don a rainbow stole during the university-wide commencement ceremony.  In this way, we hope to increase the visibility of the LGBTQA community at Northeastern.