Prepping for a career change? An analyst interview can be challenging because employers want to see how you approach new challenges in addition to testing your technical knowledge and whether you’re a cultural fit. Exercise your brain with these ten mock interview questions, and try not to find inspiration on the internet.

  1. What part of data analysis comes most easily to you? What is the most challenging?

  2. What was the last skill you taught yourself?

  3. Our company is looking to decrease employee attrition. We can allocate our resources towards more robust hiring practices, training current employees with new job skills, or investing in more benefits and perks for our employees. How would you approach this challenge? What metrics would you look at?

  4. What point is this Gun deaths in Florida chart trying to prove? How would you chart this data to make a counter-argument?

    See Question #4
  5. What would you do if your data told a story that contradicted a position that your boss held? (i.e. your boss is planning to expand a product into a certain city, but your analysis suggests that would be a bad decision)

  6. What accomplishment are you most proud of?

  7. Do you prefer to work autonomously, or in a team setting?

  8. How many people in San Francisco are using Facebook at 2 PM on a Friday? (The point is not to get an exact answer, but so that we can see your thought process).

  9. Name three types of MYSQL joins, and instances where you would use them.

  10. Having researched our company, what is something we can improve upon? How could you directly contribute towards this improvement? (Choose a company)

As you may realize by now, the most powerful analysts are not great because they know all the current tools, but because they think, adapt, and solve problems in the analyst mindset. If you’d like feedback on your interview answers, feel free to email your answers (or questions) to