Charlotte’s got a lot. While the catchy tourism slogan is applicable to the many beautiful attractions to check out while visiting Charlotte, it’s also relevant to the burgeoning fintech startup scene here. Incubators, bootcamps, and entrepreneurial support services spearheaded by organizations like Queen City Fintech are changing the dynamic for startups in Charlotte. A growing number of young companies are incubating into mature profitable organizations through a homegrown recipe of smart talent, affordable office space, and a wildly supportive community. One of the most successful companies to emerge from the local startup scene is AvidXchange.

AvidXchange offers a SaaS solution for the entire accounts payable process. With over 800 team members, and a 98% retention rate on their 5,000 plus clients, AvidXchange is a bonafide startup success story. Mike Petrillo manages the reams of data that a fintech like AvidX receives each day. My interview with Mike Petrillo digs into data management, analysis, and how his team is able to constantly adapt to changing technologies in the field. Further we discuss Mike Petrillo’s socially-conscious startup Raiden, a company that will merge bitcoin and social media marketing for the greater good.

Mike Petrillo is the Manager of Operations Data at AvidXchange, the AP automation software company headquartered in Charlotte.