Our Team

Legacy 2000 Student Mentors

The Legacy 2000 Student Mentors are upperclassmen who maintain academic excellence. The Mentors are scholarship recipients, student organization leaders, Student Government representatives, and orientation leaders. They are knowledgeable and experienced individuals capable of navigating through the university. The Mentors are thoroughly familiar with campus resources and activities. The Legacy Student Mentors are dedicated students who concern themselves with academics, the university, and the community at large.

Program Coordinator

Jonathan Santos Silva graduated from Northeastern University summa cum laude in 2005 with dual concentrations in Entrepreneurship & Small Business and Marketing. During his undergraduate tenure he was president of the student group, Brothers About Change, which was responsible for developing and implementing such influential programs as Why White Kids Love Hip-Hop and the Women of Distinction Awards Banquet.  Following a short break after graduation Jonathan returned to Northeastern to lead the Legacy Mentoring Program, coming full circle from 2001 when he was a Legacy Mentee! 

Jonathan also serves as the Vice President of the Young Professionals of the Urban League of Eastern Massachusetts

The Benefits of having a Legacy Mentor

  • Establishes meaningful relationships
  • Increases social interactions at Northeastern
  • Increases your academic success
  • Increases your involvement
  • Builds connections with campus resources, and
  • Provides insight on pitfalls and opportunities

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