Why do I need a Legacy Student Mentor?

Having a Legacy Mentor is not mandatory.   However, it is a great opportunity to begin making connections and identifying resources at Northeastern University.  The Legacy Mentors are seasoned student leaders who are familiar with campus resources, activities, and opportunities.

How do I get one?

Mentors are assigned to students who completed and returned the Legacy Summer Survey.  You may also sign up at the New Student Orientation on Tuesday September 9th in the Raytheon Amphitheatre - Egan Research Center or stop by West Village F 40 Leon Street, room 212

How can I find out who my Mentor is?

You can contact Mrs. Sharyn Hinton, Program Coordinator, at x5420 or visit us in West Village F, the John D. O'Bryant African American Institute, 40 Leon St, rm 212  to find out who your mentor is.  If you already know his or her name, you can find a photo under the “Mentors” tab.

What will happen when my Mentor contacts me?

Your Legacy Mentor will contact you to introduce him/herself and give you information about what is going on at Northeastern and around the city.  From there, you relationship will begin.  Remember that you do not have to always wait for your mentor to contact you; a good and lasting relationship is a two-way street.

What am I supposed to do as a Legacy mentee?

Take ownership of the program.  It is YOURS!  As a first-year student, it is important to attend workshops & events and be receptive to information, resources, and opportunities that the program and your mentor will provide.  Keep in contact with your mentor and GET INVOLVED!

Do I have to stay in contact with my Mentor?

Although this is a voluntary program, it is recommended that you remain in touch with your Mentor.  When he/she reaches out, try and respond in a timely and courteous fashion.  All Mentors are volunteers that want to see you succeed, so we encourage you to take advantage of this unique resource.


Did we answer your question?  If not, stop by our office in the John D. O'Bryant African American Institute, West Village F- 40 Leon St or call x5420 and we would be happy to help you!