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Legacy Mission

The Legacy Mentoring/Retention Program is designed as a collaborative effort using the time and skills of Black and Latino faculty, staff and students to enhance student retention.  Now, we work to support students of all backgrounds to be more successful contributors to the NU community. There are five integral parts to this program that aid in reaching those goals:

  • Facilitating the transition from high school to college;
  • Providing mentors and role models for interested students;
  • Increasing the retention of Black and Latino/a students;
  • Creating a a warm environment for all students; and, 
  • Providing support and information regarding services and resources available at Northeastern.


The Black & Latino New Student Orientation

Legacy's first sponsored student program of the year is the New Student Orientation for entering Black and Latino/a students.  The primary purpose of the program is to introduce the entering class to one another, Northeastern staff, faculty, administrators and to their Legacy Student Mentors.   All members of the Northeastern community are welcome to attend the orientation. 

The orientation is an informative program presented in assorted formats. The highlights of  the program are the Student Mentors who act out various scenarios that involve many of the challenges, campus incidents and circumstances and situations that first year students may encounter. 

In addition, the orientation provides an opportunity to interact with each other and enjoy the camaraderie within the Black and Latino community at Northeastern University.


Work Shops

  • Study Abroad: Gaining international experience gives students an edge in graduate school admissions and post-graduate employment.  In collaboration with the Office of International Study Programs, this workshop presents an informative discussion to educate students about the many opportunities available to study outside of the U.S.  In addition, this forum sets students on the path to developing an academic plan that will allow them the greatest chance for international exploration.


  • Financial Literacy: This workshop is intended to give students a clear understanding of their financial responsibilities as a student.  The workshop provides information to help students develop a strong financial plan and address certain tuition issues.  Issues of credit card debt and building strong credit history will also be addressed.


  • Professional Development: The professional development workshop’s goals are two-fold: 1) help students market themselves effectively for co-op and post-grad employment, and 2) provide networking opportunities with area employers and professional organizations.  Participants can have their resumes critiqued, receive interview coaching, and meet HR reps from Boston’s most desirable employers.

Community Service

Legacy mentors and mentees volunteer hundreds of hours each year on campus and throughout Boston.  This year we will return to the Greater Boston Food Bank to serve as a group, but we also encourage students to bring ideas of new and exciting ways for us to stay involved with our community!


Film Series

The Legacy Mentoring Program’s “Reel Talk” Film Series endeavors to engage students in discussions about issues raised in films, documentaries, and television programs.  Past events have focused on issues of race and racism, the Civil Rights Movement, the AfroReggae movement (a Brazilian grassroots organization), and many more.