In Press

Isaacowitz, D.M., Gershon, A., Allard, E.S., & Johnson, S.L. (in press). Emotion in aging and mania: Similarities, differences, and lessons for future research. Emotion Review.

Lohani, M., Larcom, M.J., & Isaacowitz, D.M. (in press). Happier & older? Age-related effects on positive emotion. In Gruber, J. & Moskowitz, J. (Eds.). The Light and Dark Sides of Positive Emotion. Oxford University Press.

Stanley, J.T. & Isaacowitz, D.M. (in press). Putting emotional aging in context: Contextual influences on age-related changes in emotion regulation and recognition. Chapter to appear in P. Verhaeghen and C. Hertzog (Eds.), Emotion, Social Cognition, and Everyday Problem Solving During Adulthood. New York, NY: Oxford University Press.

Zhang, X., Fung, H.H., Stanley, J.T., Isaacowitz, D.M., & Ho, M.Y. (in press). Perspective taking in older age revisited: A motivational perspective. Developmental Psychology.



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