Workshops organized by the Center for Advancing Teaching and Learning Through Research provide a hands-on opportunity for faculty to delve into a specific topic, issue, or approach in teaching and learning. Led by one of your colleagues at CATLR, the events offer the opportunity to try out or work on an aspect of your course along with your colleagues both within and outside of your field. This interdisciplinary environment provides the opportunity to look at a variety of approaches to what is being discussed.

Workshops are interactive sessions, typically 90-minutes in length, facilitated by CATLR colleagues for Northeastern University instructors. In addition to our open workshop schedule, CATLR designs and facilitates workshops for departmental groups.

Contact Dr. Cigdem Talgar ( if you are interested in discussing a customized workshop.

Upcoming Workshop Schedule

All workshops are single sessions. Registration is preferred. Click an event title to read more and to register for that session.

Title Date Audience Description
Leveraging Service-Learning to Integrate Co-op Experiences into the Classroom 10/28/2014 All-Campus

Service-learning is a form of experiential education that can be implemented and effective at multiple points during a student’s experience to enhance learning and application of theoretical concepts. In this session, we will examine service-learning as a post-co-op pedagogical tool, which allows students to build off their hands-on learning co-op experience and subsequent skill development… Read more »

My Online Course Is Live! Now What? 11/6/2014 All-Campus

Anyone who has prepared an online course knows how labor-intensive course development is, and most of our conversation focuses on how to bring a course online. But what about techniques for teaching online? This workshop will address what happens in the virtual classroom through discussion of online social presence, facilitation, feedback strategies, and ongoing assessment… Read more »

Setting the Stage for Learning: The Graphic Syllabus Across Disciplines 11/13/2014 All-Campus

The graphic syllabus is an excellent way to set the stage for learning in your course by illustrating its knowledge organization and how the course will achieve its outcomes.  Participants in this workshop will discuss the benefits and different approaches to developing graphic syllabi across the disciplines. Attendees will also have the opportunity to develop… Read more »

Students Learning from Students: Facilitating Peer Evaluation 11/18/2014 All-Campus

Peer evaluation can provide rich opportunities for students to give each other valuable feedback, reflect on their own work, and form an active, collaborative community. It can also help faculty address the challenges of giving feedback on a frequent basis, on group work, and in large classes. In this workshop, we will discuss research-based strategies… Read more »

Creating Mindful Students: Simple Practices in Contemplative Pedagogy 12/4/2014 All-Campus

In the form of the “contemplative pedagogy” movement, new science and old practices are being combined to create more potent and effective learning experiences for both faculty and students.  Contemplative pedagogy practices include brief moments of silent reflection with attention directed in mindful ways.  Research is showing this low-impact practice creates more focus, creative engagement,… Read more »