Online Course Design Orientation and Consultation Program

Transitioning to an online learning environment presents both opportunities and challenges. To assist faculty in leveraging the opportunities and meeting the challenges of online teaching and learning, the Center offers a 4-week Online Course Design Orientation & Consultation Program, now available in an asynchronous format online. The program is the first phase of support for Northeastern faculty as they begin to think about moving an onsite course online. This program is offered once a month for the entire university community. CATLR will also offer customized programs that address the needs of specific colleges/schools, departments and groups of faculty.

CATLR has designed the program to:

  • Empower faculty to design and develop an online course based on principles of learning science.
  • Apply what research tells us about how people learn in the online learning environment.
  • Familiarize faculty with formats and conventions of online learning.
  • Scaffold the development of a framework of an online course.
  • Provide faculty with an online learning experience.

The program enables faculty to:

  • Apply learning science principles to online teaching and learning.
  • Identify dimensions of online courses to meet their course goals.
  • Evaluate affordances and challenges of the online environment relevant to their course and teaching style.
  • Design engaging instructional activities, feedback and assessments that capitalize on the online environment.
  • Select content delivery methods appropriate to goals and needs.
  • Recognize application and violation of research-based principles of multimedia design.

By fully participating in the program, faculty will develop a vision for an online course that includes:

  • Documented course objectives aligned to relevant strategies for instructional activities and assessments.
  • Activities designed to integrate student interactions and leverage online tools.
  • A content inventory mapped to strategies for online content presentation.
  • Lists of potential areas of difficulty for students in the course and potential topics for worked examples.
  • A draft plan for assessment and grade weighting.
  • A graphical representation of course knowledge.
  • Weekly plan of course modules and topics.

Following the program, CATLR learning scientists are available to consult with faculty about the next steps in the development of their courses.

Online Course Design Orientation Program Online Schedule:

Addressing the same content and outcomes as our face-to-face programming, the online version also offers faculty the opportunity of an online learning experience with peers. The program will be offered to a cohort group each month, with most content delivery and workshop activities occurring through asynchronous communication with weekly topics and expectations.

October session:

October 6 to October 31, 2014

November session:

November 3 to December 5, 2014

Space is limited.  Click here to register for any of the above sessions!