Values in Teachers, Values in Teaching: The Teaching Goals Inventory


The classroom is a meeting point for two sets of expectations: the teacher’s expectations of students, and students’ expectations of the teacher. This workshop will focus on both of these sets of goals as a means of becoming a more purposeful teacher. Using the Teaching Goals Inventory, workshop participants will analyze their broad goals for a course of their choosing. Do you want students to like the subject? Just learn the facts? Improve their self-confidence? We will discuss ways that these broad goals affect our teaching, our teaching personas, and the design of our courses. Participants will also generate ideas about what students want from teachers and how we might improve our teaching by being more mindful of these values.

Prior to attending the workshop, participants are asked to complete the online Teaching Goals Inventory, available through this link. Please select a single course for the TGI; do not respond to the prompts by referencing your teaching generally. There are no “correct” answers! Please print out the results page and bring it to the workshop.

Facilitator: Robert Lagueux