Flipped Classroom Intensive (Day-Long)


Day-Long Flipped Classroom Intensive

The pedagogical strategy of “flipping the classroom” is receiving a lot of attention, from academic journals to mainstream media. While engaging students in meaningful learning activities in class is hardly a new concept, the availability and relative ease-of-use of tools to create digital content is fueling the current reconsideration of how to structure what students do both in and out of the classroom.

By popular request, we are offering a sequence of “flipped classroom” workshops back-to-back in a single day, to help jump-start those interested in flipping their class—or parts of it.

Module Design and In-Class Activities Workshop (10:00-11:30AM)

After providing an overview of the flipped classroom model, this workshop will focus on designing learning goals and collaborative, in-class application activities.

Working Lunch (11:30AM-12:30PM)

Lunch will be provided, so please register.

Moving Content Online Workshop (12:30PM-2:00PM)

This workshop, presented in conjunction with Academic Technology Services, will explore technologies appropriate for creating digital version of content presentation that might typically be presented in a classroom format, including conceptual lectures, problem-solving, demonstrations, worked examples, and more.

Flipped Classroom Inquiry Group (2:00PM-3:30PM)

Many Northeastern faculty have been been meeting semi-weekly to compare notes, brainstorm ideas and support each other as they work through specific tasks and challenges they face as the work on flipping their classroom.  As a capstone to the day’s experience, we’ll hold a Flipped Classroom Inquiry Group session for participants to work through the ideas and questions that have arisen for them during the day as they look ahead toward what and how they want to “flip.”