Co-Op Working Inquiry Session on Mindfulness


During summer 2014, the Center for Advancing Teaching and Learning through Research will be facilitating a series of events to support co-op faculty in implementing the revised co-op curriculum. All co-op faculty are welcome.

Working Inquiry Sessions begin with a one-hour discussion of the topic, followed by 90 minutes during which participants can work individually or in groups on implementing strategies, designing new activities, and exchanging ideas with their colleagues.

Two Working Inquiry Sessions are offered each day, with lunch provided. You are welcome to register for one or both topics on a given day.

  • Tuesday, May 6, 9:30am–12:00pm. Topic: Mindset
  • Tuesday, May 6, 1:00–3:30pm. Topic: Mindfulness
  • Thursday, May 8, 9:30am–12:00pm. Topic: Motivation
  • Thursday, May 8, 1:00–3:30pm. Topic: Situated Cognition
  • Tuesday, June 24, 9:30am–12:00pm. Topic: Mindset
  • Tuesday, June 24, 1:00–3:30pm. Topic: Mindfulness
  • Thursday, June 26, 9:30am–12:00pm. Topic: Motivation
  • Thursday, June 26, 1:00–3:30pm. Topic: Situated Cognition