Dr. Cigdem P. Talgar

Dr. Cigdem P TalgarDr. Talgar earned her Ph.D. from New York University in Experimental Psychology. Her research focuses on understanding the mechanisms mediating attention in different situations. Dr. Talgar served as Director of the Visual Perception, Cognition and Attention Lab at Montclair State University (MSU), where she, her colleagues, and students investigated the spread of attention towards different stimuli, the role of perceptual factors on recognition of faces of different races, and cognitive factors in product branding. Dr. Talgar also led research studies focused on devising perceptual measures of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder as a Research Scientist at the Child Study Center, NYU Medical Center. She has published in the Journal of Vision, Spatial Vision, Vision Research, Psychonomic Bulletin and Review, and Current Biology. She is currently Editor-in-Chief of the new Journal of Emerging Learning Design.

Dr. Talgar led the Research Academy for University Learning at MSU, focusing on engaging colleagues in faculty development and research initiatives in the area of teaching and learning in higher education. She has developed, implemented, and assessed a variety of programs, from workshops on course design and attention dynamics to directing a yearlong Engaged Teaching Fellows Program. She has engaged in research with colleagues from numerous departments (including Biochemistry, Biology, Justice Studies, Psychology, and Marketing), and has collaborated with them on grant proposals, the most recent funded one being an NSF-TUES (Transforming Undergraduate Education in the Sciences) grant to create extraordinary students for the modern research environment. Furthermore, she led an initiative to integrate MSU’s Service Learning and Community Engagement Program into the Research Academy, has worked to develop an evaluation and research program for the Online Programs offered at MSU, and has been part of a core group developing an interdisciplinary course in Creative Thinking.

Dr. Talgar has taught classes in Perception, Experimental Psychology/Research Methods, Physiological Psychology, Social Psychology and Cognition.

You can reach Cigdem Talgar at c.talgar@neu.edu or by phone at 617.373.4584.