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Boston Guild Partnership Enhances NU's Audiology Services to Community

Since its inception in the 1960s, Northeastern's Speech-Language and Hearing Center, based in Bouvé College of Health Sciences, has provided high-quality, affordable hearing evaluation and treatment to the Boston Community.

"Our affiliation [with Northeastern] will continue the guild's legacy and help to make Northeastern a leader in audiologic evaluation, treatment, and training."

The center annually serves about a thousand local residents with audiologic needs, making it an important example of urban outreach, a key Leadership Campaign priority. Experts estimate that 10 percent of the population has some form of hearing loss.

Recently, the Boston Guild for the Hard of Hearing — the largest nonprofit organization in New England dedicated to serving the needs of the hard of hearing — formed an affiliation with the Speech-Language and Hearing Center. The partnership, which brings assets of more than $1.2 million, will establish the Boston Guild for the Hard of Hearing Fund at Northeastern University.

"We are delighted to partner with Northeastern," says Ned Page, the Boston Guild's president. "Our affiliation will continue the guild's legacy and help to make Northeastern a leader in audiologic evaluation, treatment, and training."

The center serves patients of all ages, from infants to the elderly. Staff members prescribe and dispense hearing aids, and provide other services for hard-of-hearing individuals, including aural-rehabilitation and speech-reading classes, advice on hearing-protection devices, and balance testing.

They also treat a wide range of communications problems, such as developmental language and articulation disorders, voice and resonance problems, stuttering, and language impairments due to stroke, head injury, and neurological diseases.

Faculty members are licensed and certified speech-language pathologists and audiologists who work with patients to develop individual treatment plans. Gradate students, under the close supervision of faculty, also provide services.

With the infusion of new resources, the center will continue the eighty-seven year-old Boston Guild's mission — to lessen the effects of hearing impairment and conservative hearing.

The fund will enable the center to reach out to a greater number of people with hearing loss. For example, it will help subsidize conferences, seminars, and workshops designed to assist the hard of hearing, and reduce the patient costs of hearing aids, assistive technologies, and clinical visits.

In addition, a Boston Guild for the Hard of Hearing Fund scholarship will be awarded annually to one or more Northeastern students who have hearing loss.

"We appreciate that the Boston Guild looks to Northeastern as an effective Shepard of its resources and a trusted partner in serving the community," says Stephen R. Zoloth, dean of Bouvé College of Health Sciences.

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  This article appeared in the January 2004 edition of Northeastern University Magazine.          

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